Mafia background

Please i need mafia background

I’m not sure what you mean by “mafia background”? Could you be a little more specific?

I don’t think there’s such thing as a “Mafia background” what specifically are you looking for?

Like bedroom backgrounds for a mafia lord

I believe amepisode has some great backgrounds along with her rules so please read!

Hi! :smiling_face:
I gathered some useful links here so you can search something that you like, just please follow the rules (if author asks to do so) before using backgrounds from someone’s drives!

Also you can find free photos that you can use on Unsplash, Pexels and Pixaby
If you need to resize any image then you can use Simple Image Resizer and Resize image files online - Editor that allows you to resize pictures

I’ll also try to search for some posh bedrooms but I hope that this helped you anyways!

Good luck with your story :star_struck:

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Here is what I found on Unsplash, I resized them with img2go, so you can actually upload them to your catalog (I checked every each of them). Also the user’s name on Unsplash is Spacejoy, so if you need some other backgrounds you can check their page, the interiors they’re uploading are really good for the episode backgrounds. I hope that any of those are to your liking :two_hearts: