Mafia Mayhem, Story of the Week (NOMINATIONS)

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Contest run by @gremlin.writes

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Nominate your favorite story (or stories) for this week’s theme: Mafia Mayhem!

Stories that move on to the voting stages:
Story: Bring the Thunder
Author: @ThunderCrush

Story: The Vow
Author: @annelie.writes

Story: H.I.M.
Author: @J.episodes

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It’s the final hour to nominate!!

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Voting has now started!!

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One Winner is H.I.M. by @J.episodes!
The other is The Vow by @annelie.writes!

There was a small technical problem, so we have two winners this week!

You are both automatically entered in the Story of the Year!

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Thank you! :heart: And congrats @J.episodes ! :tada:

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Could you please close this thread? Thank you so much in advance @Sydney_H!

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: