Mafia/ romance story name ideas

hey so I’m looking for some story idea names for my story…
Its a mafia/ romance type of story

Description/ about the story:

She’s a dangerous, unpredictable and sassy. She’s well known in the mafia world and is also known as ‘Ghost’. However when it’s her 20th birthday somebody that’s very close to her dies…
She blames herself for her death and ends up vanishing even though everyone reassured her that, that was not the case… 2 years later she receives a letter from her father that her twin brother is currently in a coma and that she has to become the new boss, because she loves her twin brother very much she comes to the agreement and returns home. Everyone is alerted that she is the new boss and ‘ghost’ has resurfaced. Now she is out seeking revenge…

I will shorten that but for know that is the overview of the story

story description credits:

@whitney99 and @tre.episodes

So could you guys please help me on a title please :white_heart: !!


This is pretty cliche but how about something like “Haunting Back” or “Haunting Revenge”, since haunting relates to ghost?


That’s actually pretty good, I’ll use it :white_heart: thankyou!

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This sounds awesome! I don’t have any ideas but let me know when it is out.

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if you still need my help dont hesitate to pm me or dm me @tre.episodes on IG

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