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Please Help me decide below…

Over the last few months, I have been working extremely hard on a manuscript, a series of short stories.

My best friend @episodehoneyy and a few others are the only ones that know my plans for my story, but I am planning NOW I have a little more confidence on publishing them on episode from the very beginning, if you will stay with me, as I am writing them by hand, by laptop then onto episode.

The first story is complete, however I am struggling to find an artist who will do free art work that looks amazing. I have message a few people, some are not avalible until next month and only offer request and others take time to do art work witch I understand… However, I don’t know if they will stick with me as it’s not just one story, so I’m pretty neverous and I know a lot of authors add art work in there stories

Please let me know what you think because I’m struggling with stress when I don’t hear back from people

  • Publish without art and just straight narration
  • Wait for art and publish together with more than one story
  • Publish without art and no narrative unless needed
  • Publish with art and narrative witch was original plan

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I only think a story should have art work if you make your own

art takes time is hard to make. and its wrong to ask for it for free. a lot of people and artist struggle with the idea art should be free. when infact its a job they do.

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I know

Unfortunately I can’t pay though that’s the problem

I would if I could, but I cannot :cry:

edit: I did not delete the comment before this on purpose. I was gonna edit it and hit the wrong button

Also I like to note, any artist who comes by and do art for free.

its very nice of you and people here dont devserve you been so nice. I know art is hard. I am not very good myself. So keep doing the work you do if you want.

That was a bit harsh to say. So a person wants to be kind so does their art for free. Their art must be bad then

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Please read my second comment

I’m looking for advice as I don’t have experience or confidence.


What did I do wrong? did I say something wrong on the thing?

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Yes I seen that but still you were a bit harsh in the way you put it anyway

@Hannahnevin you have done nothing wrong

You did nothing more wrong than half the people here on this side. its not wrong to ask for art. just dont expect a art worth 60 dollers for the price of 0.

I am sorry I went a bit off at you.

here on episode the treatment of artist is so toxic.

art scenes has become very populare, but people treat artist very bad.

want free art. do you know how hard art is to do. I spend 7 hours tryining to make curly hair on a cover for my own story. and I still can not make it look alright.

some of those art scenes people want for free is what artist sell for 60 dollers a piece. that is the usaually price for art.

I thought I did :pensive:

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No don’t worry

:eyes:I mean if u do need an artist, there are plenty of art shops who are/were open, as well as people on Instagram. But if u do need art and it’s not that complicated to do I’ll be happy and able to help.
(Hope I don’t sound rude lol that’s so not my intention)

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I wish that I could pay somebody for art work for my stories, it would be amazing, but due to certain curumstansatins at the minute my parents still control my life too much so even though I have asked three of four times.

They say that I shouldn’t be giving out any details and because I’m not yet a published author in the world a recognised author that there no point.

It’s not :rofl:

I want my art to look as real as possible as free as possible because I cannot pay.

Then dont have art. its not a thing you need in a story. and as far I undertsand around the app most people actually dont like them. they dont add to the story. its too much work for something you look at in a couple of second. and if the story has cc. they are an abseloute waste in the story

Oh good lmao, :thinking: I’ll let yk if I see someone with a more realistic style who does free art since I do comic style

My friend says that I don’t need art. I just see so many stories with art and think that’s what I need to make people like my story enough and not get lost in the cleche pile

Thank you so much, that would help me a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No problem

So, even if I publish with or without art, it wouldn’t make a difference anyway