Mafia Stories are WRONG

Exactly,I’m observing this thread for some days this never ending debate about this honestly I’m getting tired of it​:sweat_smile: write whatever you want but I feel it’s best to put a warning that this story is not an actual representation of Mafia.The adults understand the difference between reality and fantasy but teenagers don’t.One of my teenager cousin is bugging my other cousins who lives in Italy asking them if there’s a cute mafia man and saying Mafias are not that bad. I am sure a lots of teenagers are under this wrong impression.I read some of Mafia stories but I don’t go around searching for cute mafia men.That is why it is better to put a warning that this story is fictional and is not an actual representation of Mafia period :peace_symbol:


:purple_heart: thank youu!!! That was just I tried to say in my post…

We didnt grow up reading Episode stories where our love interests are cruel Mafia bosses. Instead, growing up, we saw in movies, news and in many other places depicting why Mafias are dangerous and are criminals. Simple, they kill people and do many other illegal things to earn money. We grew up learning that Mafias kill people and take away innocent lives to earn a living. and that’s why we know that YES, Mafias are criminals and criminals shouldn’t be glorified.
Just like how we feel disgusted seeing a bank robber, Mafias are like that…but even far more dangerous.

have you ever imagined about kids? If they grow up reading stories where Mafias are love interests of a story, they will get a wrong impression about Mafias. They’ll start to think Mafias are someone to be simped just like how you simp whenever you see your high-school crush. Isn’t that wrong??

So, why make children and young teenagers learn about Mafias as the first place as some love interest of a kind, sweet innocent main character?
Whatever their parents taught their children, some children and young adolescents and teenagers, when they see a story with Mafia bosses being love interests…won’t they get misguided? Won’t they??
Will that teach children anything about morals?

And the main purpose of stories is talking about a life experience in some form of fictional characters, with some catchy plot blended with the author’s imagination, talking about some life lessons that we should learn, get inspired and build our life accordingly learning from mistakes. Stories are supposed to make us learn new things, discover new things, make us enjoy ourselves, a great enjoyable way to pass our time…

What is enjoyable reading a story where a sweet innocent girl is the main character and a ruthless man (who dominates people through fear and intimidation, does crimes and takes away innocent lives just to get what they want) is the love interest?


It’s fine if authors wanna write mafia stories, and they should give a detailed disclaimer that it doesnt have actual representation of Mafias.
After all, we dont want young teenager readers to get misguided about Mafias.

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What I’m pointing out is that I’m against stories with bad plot and character development, it turns out that majority of the mafia stories fall underneath this category.
And from here, I’m also confused by what you mean by “the app is 13+ it’s best to put a warning before and mature themes warning is not an exact warning” :sweat_smile: Did I miss out something?

Oh, I think I get what you mean.
Unfortunately, labels won’t help. On paper, it should but people most of the time, people would ignore it.
Since we’re talking about 13+ audiences, 13 year-old kids still aren’t matured enough to understand that it’s not an actual representation because it’s said so. They still lack the capacity to understand the weights of the warning.
It’s like why kids shouldn’t watch p*rn. You would agree that by any means, kids should never ever get in touch with that, right?
It’s the same concept. These content have target audiences, and Episode made this platform 13+, it’s our responsibility (kind of, if we write) to keep it this way. Bad representation of mafia is sadly not helping.


I’m trying to find a neutral ground I’m seriously getting tired of this never ending argument.And as I already said my own cousin is looking for a cute mafia man IRL bugging my other cousins who lives in Italy so it’s clear that I’m not supporting romanticizing of Mafia but I don’t want this argument to continue anymore.I know labels aren’t going to change anyone from getting wrong impression but that’s the only way to give a reader a warning not to go around and search for a Mafia man who’ll treat you like a queen,every story says this story contains mature themes even with story which doesn’t include anything Mafia related my story is a romcom still I used warning right, I’m saying add an extra warning just like how melia author of A Toxic Relationship story used

put a warning that it you notice anyone in this situation help them get out of it or something​:sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face::woman_facepalming:t2:

Episode is a teenager app not children’s app
So I don’t know what made you think I support romanticism of mafia, you’re clearly missing my point, I believe you’re misunderstanding what I said.Please carefully read the sentence carefully then reply because last time I checked I never said that I am crazy about Mafia.I am trying to find a neutral ground and end this never ending argument that’s what I said by putting an extra warning like the images above

“Not realistic”

There is not a single episode story that is “realistic”. And kids should not be on episode, if u check google play store it will say its for teens up. It’s not people’s job to make sure something is suitable for ur kid. It’s ur job as a parent to watch what ur kid is doing.

Teenagers should have enough brain cells to know the difference btw reality and fiction. Hell, I started reading mafia stories at 12 and I knew that it was all bullshit. I read it cause I liked to read them not because I thought it was reality.

And u are wrong, romananticing murders and stuff can also generate false information


Okay let me rephrase my point differently I never said it’s ok to romanticize Mafia I said put an extra warning like melia did with her story called A Toxic Relationship. Episode is a teenager app not children’s app, unfortunately nobody is gonna stop writing them just because it’s wrong and unrealistic this is a never ending argument in which nobody will win we’ll be arguing here and they’ll keep writing whether we want or not so it’s best put an extra warning like this and I think I already mentioned that my cousin is looking for a real life cute mafia men which means I am not encouraging this which means I’m not okay with mafia stories so I am really confused what made you think that I’m encouraging it and you’re explaining me why Mafia stories is wrong because I already said that I am not encouraging Mafia stories and I just said put an extra warning like this

Let me say it louder I don’t support romanticism of mafia so that nobody misunderstands me again and come at me explaining why Mafia stories are bad because I already said I don’t support or encourage romanticizing of mafia who is very much real and a criminal

I very appreciate your advice to give a warning, however the point I was trying to make had nothing to do with realistic or non-realistic portrayal of mafia stories to start :joy:
My original post was stating that some mafia stories don’t even have a proper structure for the story itself to make sense, that’s why it’s unrealistic yet its logic sequence is questionable.

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It’s episode an app where story like tempting devil where the li is a straight up bully with no character development and li states that people bullies those who they have a crush on and blames his/her toxic attitude because their mother died is an official story.After this all my hopes of having well written story has been crushed I don’t have anymore hopes.It is clear episode doesn’t give a d*MN about anyone, they don’t follow their own rules.So expecting well written story from this app is a joke at this point there’ll be worse stories we’ll be seeing in future whether it’s official or community, most of the Mafia stories are poorly written and so unrealistic this doesn’t surprise anymore actually nothing about episode Surprise me anymore I lost all hopes episode is getting worse and it’s going downhill :broken_heart:

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Calm down :joy:
It is indeed a minority when it comes to good writing in Episode, but we don’t have to be pessimistic. A lot of people here are aware of what’s good writing, and vice versa. That’s why I mentioned that it’s up to the community when the devs couldn’t achieve what the community expects, given that we have the tool to make it work (community stories).



I can recommend a couple of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi/comedy stories if you’d like.

There’s a mafia parody called Chasing Cheetah that points out how toxic mafia story tropes are. Episode is not yet lost!


Please do, I lost all hope :pleading_face: