Mafia story coming soon!

As you can see my new mafia story is coming soon!
This will be the large cover (made by me :wink: )
Please write your opinion here, what do you think of the art and the characters :hugs:

Please do NOT steal it


Is it gonna be a fantasy story?
And please tell us a bit more about the (main) characters.

No, it will be drama/mafia.
This story is a crossover of my other story Pantera Negra.

I asked whether or not it’s gonna be a fantasy(/mafia) story, because the male character has red eyes. If he has red eyes and it’s not gonna be a fantasy story, then I’d suggest you change the eye color, as it’s not realistic at all. And I’ve seen a few mafia stories in which the authors made the male main character red-eyed, so it has become some kind of a cliche of mafia stories

I forgot to ask, when you ask “what do you think of […] and the character”, in what way do you mean?

I totally understand it. But his eyes are important. It will be an important rule like in Pantera Negra because Hunter King has purple eyes.

I mean do you like it or are you curious about it. Sorry :sweat_smile:

Again, it’s unrealistic. I mean, if the character was supernatural, then okay… It may be supposed to be some kind of a rare gene, but not in Episode, if you ask me.

If you insist on using red/purple eyes, then do as you wish. But I do suggest you not to make his eyes as if that’s all what makes him unique and who he is.

How can I tell what I think of them if you don’t tell me a bit more but not everything about the characters? (mainly their personality)

You’re right, but then again, have you ever seen a realistic mafia story on episode? :sob: The mafia leaders in stories are always young and attractive, when they’re supposed to be old and unattractive. :woozy_face:


Well, I am working on a story in which there is a mafia boss who’s an old man :wink: (he’s not the main character though, but he’s connected to the main character).

Not really, to be honest :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.
Have you ever seen a mafia story that contains both some realism and more action?

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I can’t say I have, because I haven’t read mafia stories in years. But from what I’ve read, it’s just action and romance.

I like the art. Just not the background. :blush:

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Well, in all of the mafia stories that I’ve read, I saw more romance as the main thing than action. I didn’t read all of them to the end. Now I don’t really read much of it, as I’ve read enough to learn from their mistakes and what not to do when working on my story


Thank you so much :heartbeat: In the cover there won’t be background. I put it as an overlay. I just put something here (I mean the bg).

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Well good luck to both of you! :grin:

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Ohh okay.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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