Mafia story help

Does anyone have tips for mafia stories? i kind of have the concept down but not fully! also if possible could people show me your character card or your background characters? making background characters is so tiring

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You can read a few threads to get to know what people are tired off.

Honestly I might just make it a regular Romance😭

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Yeah… I know it may seem like a lot, but people like to criticize others.
I honestly don’t care if the story isn’t like a real life at all because I write and read on Episode to escape the real world.
My main points always are - catching cover, good directing, interesting storyline or even common, BUT with amazing unusual elements and good grammar. (But that’s hard to find these days. :sweat_smile:)

The main things I personally hate are:
Innocent MC or MC an assassin(The best in her field),
LI a bad boy leader, turns of his emotions, thinks that MC is his at the first meeting, too overprotective
The size difference between MC and LI.
Same fascial features - defined nose, lidded eyes, big lips, etc.
AND the nationalities are either Italian, American or Spanish.

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That makes sense!! Do you have any tips for regular romance stories?

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I’m not really good at romance writing or reading as fantasy is my destiny and I prefer drama :joy:, but these few could be helpful:

  • There are 2 types - slow burn and fast burn and 3 types of readers - likes slow, likes fast, hates romance.
    You have to decide which one you’re going for:
    slow burn - first kiss after 20+ episodes
    fast burn - kiss before 10th episode

  • Choose your trope - enemies to lovers(my fav), besties to lovers, friends to lovers, etc.

  • Don’t use cheesy pickup lines or something that is in every romance story

  • Making MC and LI meeting meaningful and not random running into each other on the street

  • Make MC and LI go through some things where you can see their struggles and how they overcome them.

  • Make a great and unique backstories

  • I personally love art scene use in stories but they are not necessary.

  • Make every moment full of emotions

  • DON’T USE NARRATORS TO TELL ALL BACKSTORIES OR “My name is …, I’m … years old and I live in…” People like to explore the characters not read everything on a white plate.

You could also check out this thread.

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Thank you so much!!🩷🩷🩷🩷

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Of course! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:
Hope everything turns out great! Just don’t give up and keep going!

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