Mafia tropes and stereotypes

Hello everyone!
My name is Faith and I am an author on episode for over five years. I just wanted to form a discussion about mafia tropes and stereotypes. I personally have written two mafia stories and when I first started writing on episode I made my first story The White Skulls which is a story about a crime hunting organization. I chose this plot because I’ve seen a lot of mafia stories on here with similar plots,
“The nice normal girl who falls for the dangerous mafia man”
Now I tried to make my first mafia story The Dark Angels different where my female lead is a member of a woman’s elite group called The Dark Angels who takes down crime lords. She becomes assigned to take down the head of Los Charlines (Spaniards mafia) but falls for him in the end of course. This is another troupe here done on episode I know but I tried to make changes to make it unique as possible.
Writing unique criminal stories on episode is getting harder because people have been copying plots and making changes. Now I’ve done some of it myself I’ll be honest, but I try not to be a repeat. I even had some of my readers assume I would make my male lead Santiago Charlin kill my female lead Jasmine in The Dark Angels when he found out who she was. But that’s not true, I knew exactly who they were referring me to another author and her work.
But I am not a copycat.
Besides, I don’t like plots where the male lead hates and tries to kill the female lead. Santiago was livid when he found out Jasmine was after to take him down but he wanted answers and an explanation. I don’t like stories where the male lead doesn’t let the female lead explain things. It’s overdone and it’s so not right. I will never date a man who tried to kill me or wouldn’t let me explain something. Especially point a gun at me.
When I write my mafia stories I try to make their relationship of course compelling and good but I don’t want it toxic.
I see a lot of these mafia stories becoming more toxic and toxic as time goes on here in episode. And honestly they’re becoming the same thing. I try to make mine unique as possible and no I don’t see much stories on the crime hunting side of things like my first original story The White Skulls.
Has me wondering if the true reason I’m not reaching millions of reads is because I refuse to be like everyone else and not be a copycat?
What do you guys think of mafia stories here on episode?
By the way I’m not trying to insult anyone’s story of a mafia one, just want to state my opinion on this and form a healthy, mature non offensive conversation.


The question that’s been bother me for years. And I still don’t have an answer :smiling_face_with_tear:
As I have been told, the biggest keys to success are regular updates and Insta posts. The readers already know that you will update and are waiting for that day to come, meaning they won’t be scared about you abandoning the story.

If it as a normal plot AND an extremely good directing meaning a lot action not romance, I’m all for it. If it’s like the standart boring assassin/most feared mafia leader, simple directing, same animations AND music for the whole story, I’m out.

I like your way of thinking. I’m writing my Story Fight Alone right now. It’s a Mafia story but where the Mafias are depending on the girls. They need their help and in some way the girls have the power but at the same time the Mafias are the ones in charge. It’s kinda both ways. I love Stories about the criminal world cause it opens your eyes and change your way of thinking somehow. Your story seems really interesting for the change of the girl being in the lead. :smiling_face:

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