Magda's work shop

Welcome to my work shop!
My name is Magda and this is where i can be taking requests, just remember to be kind and just remember the is one of me x

some rules

  • be kind
  • don’t threat me
  • don’t push me to be quicker it dose take time
  • and understand that i have the right to refuse and not take your request!!!

some of the things i do:

  • story review
  • art scenes / covers
  • coding help
  • custom pose
  • script template

the password school sucks

click me for examples


Custom pose (sorry for the hand :joy:)

More examples are on there way :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if you got any questions my pm are open and my Ig @magi_writes and I can only take 2/3 requests at the time as I’m a full time student and I have a lot of exams monthly so I don’t have time to take more x

2 requests completed


Bump!! Good luck!!

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Thank you!

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hey! i would love a story review (: school sucks

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Hi, I was wondering if you could draw a picture for the end of my episodes? You can pick any background and you can make your watermark as big as you want! My character is brown-skinned, for example (gold 5), she also has curly hair that hits her shoulders

extra info, she is rich, a brat, queen b, stylish, and also a high school
school sucks

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I’m a little confused would you be able to write the whole details of the character(s) as It make the work for me harder things you should include :
Character(s) details
How many character/s
Pose / animation
Extra things eg tattoo

And next time please use the password :slightly_smiling_face:

Skin is gold 05
Hair is Medium Shoulder Curly, brunette brown
nose is Defined Natural
lips are Full Round Pouty
face is round soft
eyes are Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye, dark brown

Screenshot 2021-09-03 7.02.31 PM

Screenshot 2021-09-03 7.02.43 PM
You can have her doing whatever you want!
Also, I’m kind of new here and don’t know how to blur the password

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Here I have saved it as a overlay so you can use any background (since you haven’t gave me one) and jest remember to credit me either here or on ig @magi_writes x

Thank you!

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any time hun!

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is this still open?


Can I request again?
Also how do you blur the password on here?

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Ofc you can and the last icon click it and the second one it is x

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May I get a cover, please?
here is the position I want them to look like
Screenshot 2021-10-03 6.22.11 PM
but not that dark.
the characters

and here is the background

and the title is “His princess charming” if you want to add one, and if you do you can pick whatever font you would like.

school sucks

thank you!