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Do you need a cover but you don’t know how to make one? Or are you too lazy to do so? This is the art shop for you! :joy: Lol this sounds like an ad :joy:

Welcome to my art shop!
I can make edits of:

  • Covers
  • Splashes
  • Character Cards
  • Mood boards
  • Intros/Outros
  • Banners
  • Cut out overlays for you:]


-> This is a cover for my story :blush:

-> This was a cover for my besties cover but it won’t be used anymore…welp :sweat_smile:

Mood Board

Character Card

-> This is a character card made for Jessica.C

I don’t have examples for splashes / Intros/Outros yett

  1. I’m working alone so bear with me if I take a long time. I can’t tell you specifically when I will be finished but it will take a MAXIMUM of roughly one week. (might take longer… :sweat_smile:)

  2. I have the right to decline your request.

  3. Do not be rude or rush me to hurry.

  4. Do not steal examples or requests done by others

  5. Please credit the artist - @magic.ash8

  6. Use the password: Ashes
    (Using the password means you have read, understood, and agreed to the rules and conditions.)

-> Read 1-3 episodes of ‘Hollywood Spy’ and send me a screenshot :] (I’m working alone and I spend a lot of time on every request so you could spend your waiting time checking out this story! :blush:



  • Ink / LL
  • Title
  • Author
  • Small cover / Large cover
  • Character details & clothing
  • Pose - from the animations category
  • Theme


  • Background (If you have a specific one you want)
  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme
Character Cards


  • Ink / LL
  • Character details & clothing
  • Pose - from the animations category
  • Name / no name
    (Write the name here if you chose name)
  • Character’s Personality
    (I need to know to get an idea of what kind of background or theme I should go with if you do not fill out the optional choices :blush:)
  • Head to toe / Head to waist / Head to shoulders


  • Background (If you have a specific one you want)
  • Theme
  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme
Intro / Outro / Splashes


  • With Character / Without Character
    -> If you chose ‘With Character’
    • Pose - from the animations category
    • Ink / LL
    • Character details & clothing
  • Warning / Sound / Chapter intro / Others
  • Text
  • Theme


  • Background (If you have a specific one you want)
  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme


  • Ink / LL
  • Character details & clothing
  • Pose - from the animations category
  • Theme
  • Text / No Text
    (If text, tell me what words you want to put in :blush:)


  • Background (If you have a specific one you want)
  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme
Mood Boards


  • Theme
  • Pictures
  • Character’s Personality
  • Name of Character


  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme

If there are too many, I might take out a few :blush:
I might add some if I think it might make the moodboard a bit better under your permission :blush:



  • Text
  • Pictures & Details


  • Font (Public only)
  • Color Scheme
Overlay Cutout


  • Background
  • Indicate which overlay you want cut out.

Maximum: 10

  • kiera2728
  • Dreamland

Closed on July 5th


Heyy could you cut out the floor and living room for this overlay? Thank you and I will definitely credit you :DDD

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Like this?

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Omg, that’s perfect!! Thank you so much! How should I credit you? :))

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It’s in the rules but credit with this -> @magic.ash8

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style: LL

  • Character details & clothing

Body: Female Generic Body, Gold 02
eyebrow: medium straight, Black Dark
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout, Brunette Brown
Eyes: Female Generic, Brown Black
Face: Heart defined
nose: Round Button Upturned
lips: Small Heart, Pink Beige Gloss

  • Outfit:

  • Pose: Laugh Giggle Pose
  • Name: Aina
  • Personality: Independent, creative, optimistic, Friendly
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Here you go!

Is there anything you want to change?
Also please check out Hollywood Spy if you are satisfied with this! :blush: :+1:

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Hi would u be able to make a cover of me??

Please read the rules above and fill out the form and I will be able to make one for you :blush:

Heya! May I have 8 character cards? (I know its A LOT, but don’t feel the need to finish it early, I’m in no rush!) Ashes

Emmersyn's details

Generic body (neutral 02)
arched short (deep brown)
medium straight down (blonde medium)
round downturned wide (grey cool)
heart soft
grecian soft
full heart pouty (pink warm gloss)

pleated small belted waist high skirt cotton blue seafoam
small tied rabbit ear headband cotton pink
lace necklace top lace grey white
flat lace up sneakers canvas pastel rainbow

Gemma's details

female generic body (neutral 04)
arched thick style (black dark)
Medium Curly Solid (black dark)
female generic (brown black)
defined natural
small heart (rose light nude matte)

flower cat ear headband metal white flower
chunky sneaker leather white
crop top shorts overalls faded blue
locket and choker metal gold


Jocelyn's details

female athletic (copper 02)
arched thin (dark brown)
long Wavy Blowout (blonde medium)
round medium (green emerald)
round button upturned
full flat top pouty (pink peach medium gloss)

ripped shorts denim oxford denim
flat lace up sneakers canvas grey cool grey
towel work out headband cotton mint green
spaghetti strap off shoulder long sleeve shirt cotton grey

Lorena's details

female generic (gold 02)
arched natural (deep brown)
messy sock bun (medium warm brown)
deepset downturned (hazel dark)
heart soft
grecian soft
full heart pouty (pink beige matte)

high waisted skinny jeans denim blue oxford
calf length rolled patterened socks short heel boots suede hickory brown
long jacket white button up emblem cotton red praline

Mimella's details

soft body (rose 02)
arched natural scar (black dark)
Long Wavy Loose Bangs Sideswept (dark brown)
deepset almond (brown black)
round soft
round button
full heart pouty (peach gloss)

aiko crop top cotton purple periwrinkle
queen crown gold diamond yellow goldenrod
chunky sneakers leather black
open hoodie croptop cotton grey black
ripped tight leggings denim blue oxford

Gabriel's details

male athletic (gold 05)
male generic (blackjet)
Short Side Part Curly (black jet)
deepset downturned (blue green)
diamond soft
hooked grecian
medium heart (beige deep natural)

boots rugged leather black
arts bar long sleeve shirt cotton grey black
large studs plastic grey black
ripped knee rocker jeans denim cool grey

Coleton's details

male generic body (neutral 04)
male generic (dark brown)
messy undercut (chesnut brown)
deepset heavy lid (brown light)
diamond soft
hooked grecian
full heart natural (rose light nude gloss)

muscle shirt short sleeves swoopneck neutral white
athletics loose workout pants denim grey black
laceup running shoes cotton grey black
camo windbreaker hoodie cotton green hunter

Benji's details

male generic (gold 03)
round thick (black dark)
long Top Messy Curls (dark brown)
monolid slender (brown light)
male generic
straight narrow
medium heart (neutral medium nude matte)

high top classic leather black
trim belt preppy slacks cotton grey black
muscle tank cotton stripe black white

any pose is fine! head to waist please <3

Take your time :sweat_smile: :heart:

Hey, can I request 2 mood boards:
password: Ashes

Moodboard 1

Theme: Vintage aesthetic

Character’s Personality: Nice, cute, a little shy
Name of Character: Zea

Moodboard 2

Theme: Kinda like dark, devil like

Character’s Personality: Confident, a bit sassy
Name of Character: Florita

Thank you! :two_hearts:

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Please fill out the form above and just write x on the poses then:]
I also want their personalities so that I get an idea of what kind of theme I should go with :blush:

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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They’re in LL (:


Very kind and sweet towards others
Very quiet, likes the colours light pink and light blue



Cat lover, gets scared easily, shy
very minimalistic/ modern


Brave, not afraid to speak her mind, stands up for others
but is sweet to friends



Is friendly, social butterfly, trouble maker



loyal, shy, rude to others who are rude to her



Dark colours
Typical bad boy, player, heart breaker



His sister is Emmersyn
Caring about his sister (will do anything for her)



Laid back, chill, lazy, easy to talk to, blunt


I’ll be editing this later for the poses (:

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Great! Bear with me if I take longer than a week, I’ll try to finish in a week though :blush:

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No no no

Please don’t try to rush yourself :((
Like I said, I don’t need them immediately! Take your time <3

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Here you go!

-> I also added sparkles and a background for zea if that’s okay…if you don’t like it, tell me what I should tweak :blush:

-> I added black designs on the spaces…I felt like it was missing something…and a background for Florita. if you don’t like it, tell me what I should tweak :blush:

Also, please check out ‘Hollywood Spy’ if you are satisfied with this! :+1:
And make sure to credit - thanks for visiting! :revolving_hearts:

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