Magic Kingdom RP Game


It is 200 years after the Great War between the holy and the undesirables. Even today, the holy and the undesirables are separated from each other by a big wall to avoid another conflict. In addition, all ancient texts depicting the Great War have been confiscated by the government. Most of the holy (not all) believe that the undesirables are inferior to them, leading to the undesirables to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to infrastructure, treatment, etc… The holy and undesirables each have their own powers, both capable of changing the world.

This is where you come in. The MC is apart of the Holy Empire (where the holy live) and has always wondered what was on the other side of the wall (the dark empire). MC is the princess of the Holy Empire and has been sheltered her whole life. MC goes to the most prestigious school in the Holy Empire and is popular, but often times MC wonders if it is only because of her status. MC’s hobbies include reading books and exploring the wild.

Now this is where the story starts. One day MC finds an ancient book detailing the Great War in the library at her school. After reading the book, MC decides to sneak past the wall to see what life is like in the Dark Empire (where the undesirables live). MC has a problem with her plan, however, there are many knights guarding the wall. What will she do?

Character abilities:
The holy: can talk to animals, can manipulate light, can use magic with great ability, can telecommunicate
The undesirables: can become invisible, can manipulate darkness, can use weapons with great ability, can read minds

Wind waver staff: for the holy only, can control wind
Flame torch staff: for the holy only, can control fire
Sea whisper staff: for the holy only, can control water
Sunbeam staff: for the holy only, can control light rays
Poison bringer staff: for the holy only, can control poison/acid
Wind waver rifle: for the undesirables only, can control wind
Flame torch sword: for the undesirables only, can control fire
Sea whisper hammer: for the undesirables only, can control water
Sunbeam axe: for the undesirables only, can control light rays
Poison bringer flail (a flail is a chain with a spiky ball at the end): for the undesirables only, can control poison/acid


  1. When you decide to join the RP game, you first must create a character profile for your character. You must specify if you are a holy or undesirable (you can’t be both or neither). You have to choose a weapon based on what race you choose (holy or undesirable). You can also upload a picture of what your character looks like if you want to.
  2. No god abilities (i.e. bringing yourself back to life).
  3. If your original character dies, you can make a new one (unless I approve of your character being brought back to life). Your new character must be different than your original one.
  4. No nudity or sexual content.
  5. No excessive cursing.
  6. No duplicate character names. For example, you can’t name your character Rose if somebody already named their character Rose.
    I may add more rules as the game goes on

I hope you guys enjoy my idea for a role playing game. If you don’t, tell me what I should change. Thank you for anybody who decides to go with my idea and plays this game! Have fun! <3


There’s a new ideas thread for RP but it sounds interesting and I’d join. Could there be more character abilities though?


This sounds interesting. Has this officially started yet?


This is actually interesting… I wonder if this has started yet?


Can I join? If so I’ll list my character details.

You should make the people be able to have multiple powers. Maybe Instead of Being Holy v. Undesirable, it could be Light Energy Control vs. Dark Energy Control. Everyone has both in them, for most it’s balanced, but some have more of one in them than the other.


Sounds really interesting, I wanna join!


I want to join too


Is this still active?


Is this still a thing?


Is it tho?