✨ MAGIC ✨ Outfit + Character Shop (LL & INK!)

Hey there!! I’m @emma.episode, and I will be taking outfit and/or character requests for LL and INK style characters! If you want an outfit and or character please fill out the form below and I will make the outfit(s) and/or character(s) for you as soon as possible! Please fill out the forms for each character if you have more than one.

Outfit Form

Style (LL or Ink) :
Age/Age Range:
Skin Color (optional) :
the skin color helps with the accessories but if your reader
creates the character it’s not needed
Number of Outfits:
Clothing style(s):
Occasion (if any) :
Any Needed Features (ex. mole, scar, piercing) :
Anything else! :

Character Form

Style (LL or Ink) :
Age/Age Range:
Personality (optional) :
Needed Features (ex. freckles, moles, scars, etc.) :
Extra Features You Would Like Created (bold what you would like) : name, nationality/ancestral originality, personality, an outfit, and/or age
Anything else! :


  1. No rude comments or replies down below please; let’s try and make this a comfortable environment for everyone!

  2. Please be honest with me! If you do not like the outfits/characters that I have created for you, please let me know! I’m trying to improve and any suggestions/tips help me greatly :))

  3. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GIVE ME CREDIT!! I know that some of you may ask this question.

I know that most of these are not necessarily rules, but just some things that I wanted to point out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Finally, if you have read all of this and understand the “rules”, use this password so I know you’ve done it!
Password: ilovesoup

Lastly, If you would like to be apart of the “MAGIC” team, message me and send me a few of your examples!

Speaking of examples, here are some of mine:

Note: you can see from the photos a “black eye”, it’s just a glitch in the system and won’t effect your characters whatsoever :blush: :blush:



Thanks to all :hugs: