Magic Overlays!

Hey, there! I’m seeking someone to make some magical overlays for my new story that I’m entering in the Fantastical contest. Think orbs, wispy tendrils, etc. The main character’s magic colour is deep blue (as she wears the ‘Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Blue True’ necklace). Or if you want to make different magic thingies (what do I even call it, lol?!) for other characters to give you more liberty with colour, feel free!

You could check @alexa_episode on instagram

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Um… what do you mean by magical overlays??

Overlays that would be used for a character doing magic. Think Joseph Evans’ Soulbound, or something similar.

I haven’t read that story yet its in my favourites though…

Ah, well, I was just trying to give you a decent example. Just something whimsical like this:

You can request on this thread and I’ll do my best to help you :slight_smile:

Something like this

I found some blue magic stuff :mage:t4: Hope you like it! :slight_smile:
Tell me if you want something changed :smile: :v:t4:


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They look great where did you find this??
Let me guess png.tree right??

No actually :smile: Some are from the internet but most are from!

I will check that website…
Thank you!!

No problem :smile:

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Do you mind if I maybe use it too?

No not at all! :smile:

Hello @Apes :blush:
I also found the website and think all these overlays and backgrounds are super good. I have already read a lot about it in the forum, but I’m not sure if I can use the pictures for my episode story. I don’t want to get in trouble afterwards. :persevere:
Apparently, many of you are working with this website?

I know, the topic is older, but I hope someone can help anyway. I would like to use the files.
Thank you!

I use them very often in my story. They’re free to use.

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It’s a shame we can only download 2 per day :weary::joy:

Great, these are good news! Thanks for your quick reply!

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