Magic scene for my story

I would like help a free artscene with this character:

it’s to be either a profile pic of her blowing green magic to the camera (1zone) and/or side profile with hand outstretched and green magic flowing offscreen to the right from the palm(2 zone).

…magis flows like thick pixie dust I guess or like sand man from rise of the guardians.

i would do it myself but I have no clue how to draw magic.

if possible, can I get it within a week?

if not I’ll find a way to work around I guess

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Hi there, I personally don’t code for free, but… Do my eyes deceive me? Is that a green mask? How?

So I use a combination of background eraser app, filters, canva and ibisPaintX to make my art scenes, here is a link for how to make custom poses

I enjoy creating art pieces for my story (I’ve been on episode for years but I just joined the forums to create my first story) I can do cut out" art scenes using episodes characters but so far I haven’t been able to create anything but a magic overlay from scratch.

I can definitely answer questions if you have any, it takes time to create an art scene and my best advice is to go slow and to keep adding to it if it’s still not to your satisfaction because the more little details you add the better it will look.
I haven’t done art for anyone else before but I’m willing to help for credit :heart:

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It’s in the headwear section.
Name: Masquerade Traditional Paper Plain Green Hunter


Thank you! Somehow I’ve never seen this, how crazy!

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Your welcome :smiley:

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