Magicka: Bound By Magic R4R

So it’s competition time again and I love the way the small authors community, comes together to support one and another.
So post your Stories for R4R


I’ll do a r4r!


Yeah sure… And good luck

I can do r4r, if you want to

Yeah sure I’ll add you to my list and start tomorrow Morning … it’s nearly 1am here so I’m gonna rest my eyes for they are sure to be square tomorrow lol… goodnight and good luck to you

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its two am here. i should properly go to bed too

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Oh gosh you really should … as it’s going to be a crazy week a head … so much R4R with life getting in the way hehe … goodnight I’ll post pic when I’m done

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. I am interested in rfr if u want to do one with me! i will send ss in ig if u have one mine is @epi.enchantress and here’s my story deets.

Story Name: Necromancers
Genre: Fantasy
This story is about two siblings who are born as necromancers. Necromancers are people dealing with the dead by using magic. They fight demons and other evil creature so as to maintain peace in the world. They have a life of training but everything starts to turn upside down right after their mother’s death. Unknown things become known. Evil creatures are starting to take over. It’s up to them to handle it this time and they dont know if they are ready for it. Yet they too have personal lives since they are being hunted down by someone and they are in hiding. The one mistake in their past does this all. Will they be able to figure it out and fight the storm that’s coming towards them. Read to find out.


I would love to do a RFR if you want to x

Title: Magicka: Witches Aren’t Real

Author: Raven Writes (@RavenWrites)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: They said your mother was crazy. But they were wrong. She was the only one who saw them coming. The witches are here and they are on a hunt…

Link: 1


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Yeah sure I’ll add you to my list and post pic when I’m done​:grin::grin:

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okay yay!

Excellent I’ve addes you to my list and I’ll post pictures when I’ve finished… I have got a few to read so it make take me a while to do … But good luck with the competition​:smile::grin:

All good, I have a few to read too!! Good luck to you too x

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Magicka: Fighting Fate

Co- written with @rieka.creates

@karoline.writes and @rieka.creates


Aleron is a demon now, he is walking hate, blood, evil and powerful. But one thing he couldn’t get his mind of off is a kiss with an unfamiliar girl. Seeing her in his dreams, in reflections and when he closes his eyes. Aleron is captivate by her endless thoughts. In conception that she is some evil witch that cast a spell on him. Aleron now the prince of hell breaks the rules yet again to meet her himself, while Arabella; heartbroken waits for her guardian angel, not knowing he’s a demon now.

Threads of fate tangle as Aleron works though his conflicted thoughts for the girl he once loved but now can’t remember.



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Ok ill add you to my list and post pictures once I’m done

Ok so this is my reading list so far:
Magicka Reading List
Magicka: His White Deer … Alice
Magicka: The Power Of Music … Honey & Ady
Magicka: Forbidden Wasteland… Netti
Magicka: The Defenders
Magicka: Cubusome @ParkLow_G
Magicka: Hushed @KlutzEKat
Magicka: Zero @josiej8
Magicka: Witches And Wroyals @Charmdoll
Magicka: Ethereal @line123462
Magicka: Fighting Fate @KarolineMcRay19
Magicka: Dark Star @SilverLady
Magicka: Hidden Worlds @Dominique_Seth_Da_Si
Magicka: Nathaniel The Powwe Of Fight @Auremiol
Save Me @saveme.episode
Necromancers @Madhu
Gold Leaf High @MTB
Under The Stars @Aykay


Moved thread to Promote Your Story since it is the only forum that allows r4r. Thanks!

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I’m totally up for a R4R. Let me know if you’re interested. :grin:

Title: Magicka: Dark Star
Author: Silver Lady
Style: LL
Status: Finished (3 episode short story)
Description: Lyal was born under a dark star, an omen of evil and death . Will she rage against the dying of her light? Or will she embrace her dark destiny? (choices matter, 4 endings).

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Wonderful I’ll asd you to my list and good luck with your entry​:kiss::kiss:

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Would you like to check out my Magicka contest entry, Magicka: Nathaniel - The Power of Light.

Author: Auremiol
Description: Nathaniel is the Master of Dark Magic, criminal and assassin. He only cares about his crew and twin sister. Until one ordinary gig turns his life upside down.(Male MC, CC, Choices Matter, 1Li)
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 3 chapters out. More coming soon!
Style: Limelight