Magicka Stories' Thoughts ✨ 31/03


Ignore my inadequate forum skills, I forgot to tag the writer as always! 🤦🏻

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Has anyone ever told you, you’re better than a good morning text? :pleading_face::sweat_smile:

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Magicka: Sleepless Nights

Wow, just wow. Having several foes including yourself. The plot is amazing, memory loss and fighting in your dreams, rediscovering yourself.
The point system is captivating too.

This is common to many entries I have read, I admire you, they are beautifully directed. :star_struck: :exploding_head:


Thank you for including my story :smiley:
And this :motorcycle: emoji fits perfect. :ok_hand: :blob_hearts:


Thank you so much! :relaxed: means a lot to me! :blob_hearts:


Thank you so much for the tag! :blob_hearts:

- These are the two from the list that I’ve read so far:

1) Clubhouse of the Cursed by Spiegel :test_tube:

Where do I begin with this entry…much like Spiegel’s other story the interactivity and overlays are just so impressive. The plot is very intriguing and pulls you in almost instantly, the world building is amazing and all the character dynamics are so interesting and unique. I definitely recommend!

2) Olde Moon by Em Sandigo :wolf:

Another fantastic story packed with lots of varying creatures and their unique interactions with one another in their own small town of Romwick. I love the menu’s visual design and the interactive photographable scenes!

Thank you so much for the kind words Spiegel :relaxed::yellow_heart:


Magicka: Dark Star

I love the concept of being a dark elf. The spells, the different creatures, choosing to embrace your essence or not, an enticing short fantasy story, another awesome work from Silver Lady :fire: :black_circle: :crystal_ball:

I’m also happy that I have more 4 replays to go :smirk: I still have more 3 endings to see.


Thank you so very much, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I especially love the emojis you’re using. Very on point. :laughing:

Out of curiosity, which ending did you get? :thinking:

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I can’t remember the frog’s name :weary: and I was lucky with the witch that cursed the MC just 'cause I took a screenshot


Not in those words, so it’s very appreciated! :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts:

You’ll end up reading more than me, don’t worry! :joy:

I’m getting my torches and pitchforks ready for my protest in case you don’t get a spot on the shelf :smiling_imp:

You seem way too cool to be this sweet :sob: Amazing that you can pull both off :astonished:

Sorry! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But excellent job! :blob_sun:


Thank you lovely! :heart: We did our best :blush:

Np x

I’ve been bad about reading entries but here are my thoughts on the few I have managed to get to so far. :see_no_evil:

(by @josiej8)

This was the first entry I read and I think it started my contest reading experience off to a good start. It’s a super hero, fantasy, comedy story about a hero named Sebastian who helps solve crime due to his unique abilities after a dare in college went wrong. I really enjoyed how lighthearted and funny it was!

MAGICKA: Dark Star
(by @SilverLady)

This is a dark fantasy short story that I absolutely loved! Even if I got the death ending. :woozy_face: The entire story was enticing and I didn’t want to put it down at all while reading. I definitely recommend it!

MAGICKA: Black Magic
(by @thebutterfly_episode)

I loved this entry! It’s incredibly interactive and entertaining and the artwork by @artbysucre is so aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the directing is great too! :heart_eyes: The story starts when you, as a witch, go to a school for “magickas.” I really enjoyed the concept and the way the first 3 episodes are done really had me fully entertained.


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much for the review!

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I’m an intense fire sign with a water moon, aka I can do both. :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

Thank you though :pleading_face:


Thank you so very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have so many stories saved and which I’m going to read but so far I’ve read:

Clubhouse of the cursed: Because of the love I have for the author’s other story, I was eager to read this one making it the first entry I read. I really admire how the author uses the love for fairytales to create stories with such great detail, the overlays used are wow, the characters are also wow, I am friking obsessed!

Black Heliconia: SPEECHLESS! This story is has left me speechless! The style, the art, the directing, the amazingly detailed storyline, the inspiration, I am so hooked!

Awakening Lust: I’ve only read probably 1 or 2 stories involving vampires that I like so usually I try to avoid stories about them. Knowing how talented the author is, I knew this story would not be your typical vampire story and I was right. :clap:t5:This :clap:t5: sto :clap:t5: ry :clap:t5: does :clap:t5: not :clap:t5: dissa :clap:t5: point :clap:t5: !

Naiyra of the lost world: Read the story yesterday and I just know that this story is going to be included in my top 3. This story is amazing. Only 3 episodes out and I’m ready to read season 2 :joy:

Once upon a memory: This was such a fun read and I’m really happy that it is complete so I don’t have to wait for new episodes. I really enjoyed the different tasks that needed to be solved, although short, the story still managed to be written well and the characters personalities were able to be seen. I’m still so salty about picking the wrong wing. I’ve been contemplating rereading it again just to pick the right one lol.**

The elf king’s quest: I also enjoyed this story. I can’t wait to see how everything goes. I like that there are choices and that the choices matter.

Transcendent: This story is written so well and has me so hooked. I know more is coming in future episodes and I am so ready!

To the authors of the stories I’ve currently read:


Off to read more entries!


Great my gif not working.:unamused: Thank you for the feedback! I was wondering about your opinion.

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I wanted to leave a fanmail but it I don’t have the option to do so. Just impatiently waiting for that to be sorted out lol.

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