Magicka: Your Chakra! is out! Drop your Magicka entry too!

Hey you all!
I wanted to share my new story for the MAGICKA contest!
So excited! And I hope you all will like it!
Feel free to promote your story too :smiley:

Here is the description of my story :

Title : Magicka: Your Chakra
Author : Maggy

Genre : Fantasy/Romance
Style : LL
Number of episodes : 6 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : He’s a cursed wizard, drains women chakras to survive. But later he meets an uncommon chakra that he craves for. Would SHE be his salvation or would HE be her damnation? {LL/CC}

Link :



Greetings! Thank you very much for this thread. Here’s my entry. :grin:

Title: Magicka: Dark Star
Author: Silver Lady
Style: LL
Status: Finished (3 episode short story)
Description: Lyal was born under a dark star, an omen of evil and death . Will she rage against the dying of her light? Or will she embrace her dark destiny? (choices matter, 4 endings).


gonna read it soon! yay!


Yay thank you!
Let me know your thoughts xoxoxx!

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Here’s mine. :heart: Thank you for doing this.

Title: Magicka : The Defenders
Author: Sanet P. (@sanet.writes)

Discription: Those in possession of magical abilities are sent to the Academy to train for the great battle ahead. But, what do you do, when the Academy gets destroyed and only a handful escaped.



GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:

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Title: Magicka: Fragments of You
IG username: @js_mits

Having almost no magic is tough to survive. Existing worlds disregarded the prophecy and now that the Realm appeared, everything were once again thrown into chaos. (LL, Full CC)


Thank you! :yellow_heart:

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Magicka: Fighting Fate

Co- written with @rieka.creates

@karoline.writes and @rieka.creates


Aleron is a demon now, he is walking hate, blood, evil and powerful. But one thing he couldn’t get his mind of off is a kiss with an unfamiliar girl. Seeing her in his dreams, in reflections and when he closes his eyes. Aleron is captivate by her endless thoughts. In conception that she is some evil witch that cast a spell on him. Aleron now the prince of hell breaks the rules yet again to meet her himself, while Arabella; heartbroken waits for her guardian angel, not knowing he’s a demon now.

Threads of fate tangle as Aleron works though his conflicted thoughts for the girl he once loved but now can’t remember.



These all sound amazing! I can’t wait to read all of these entries :slight_smile: here’s mine:

I’m entering tooo :hugs:

Also Chacra is also on my list to read - I saw Mihaela.reader posting SS and I loved it!

:gem: MAGICKA: CHOSEN and my IG is @ellen.c.episode and in forum is @EllenC

:gem: Description: "You live a fancy life until your dreams become part of your reality.
Can you handle being chosen to be Queen of Amethyst land or will you fail?"


Full CC | Choices Matter | Multiple Endings | Point System


Hey! Promoting my first ever contest entry! Instagram: alex.woods27
Title: Magicka: The Summoner
Author: Alex Woods
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
Summary: Dying is no fun. But Re-Awakening in body of a witch wasn’t part of the plan. Can you cope with your new supernatural life? (CC, Choices matter, LI)
Chapters: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Here’s the cover:

Thank you for this thread!
Title- Magicka: The Mighty Cluless
Descripton- Due to your chaotic nature, you’re sent an angel and a demon to lead you through your life choices, but is that the only reason or is there more to it?
CC, Choices Matter

This is mine!
Magicka Entry!

Title : Magicka: Pure Blood
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters : 3
Description: When a Pure Blood try to bite her neck, Hannah’s life is going to change, she found herself being his Vamp Marked, but everytime he drinks her blood, she saw strange memories .
Link :


Thank you for this thread! :kissing_heart:

Title: Magicka: Witches Aren’t Real

Author: Raven Writes (@RavenWrites)

Genre: Fantasy

Description: They said your mother was crazy. But they were wrong. She was the only one who saw them coming. The witches are here and they are on a hunt…

Link: 1


Hey, I got no time for R4R, but here’s my story :blob_hearts:
Name: Magicka : Sleepless Nights :first_quarter_moon:
Plot : After her memories getting wiped, Jane is dealing with an unexplainable circle of nightmares, and a hot supernatural stranger who claims to be her protector. [LL/SEMI CC/LGBTQ]
Link :
Gerne : Fantasy & Romance
Style : Limelight
CC : Available, but limited
LGBTQ : Yes, you are able to set your dating prefrences.
My IG : nellyy.epi
You can watch my story trailer here.

Story Cover [Made by me] :

Thank you for the thread! Much appreciated :hugs:

Magicka: City of Stars

Stuck in Antares, you become imprisoned for living by your own rules!
Now trapped in the clutches of a dashing prince and mysterious warlord, will you ever find freedom again? [cc]

Instagram- @wafers.episode


Definitely will check it out!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::heart_eyes:

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