Main artist for story LL

I’m looking for someone who can do all types of art that would be willing to create all things I would need for my story for the CONTEST COLLEGE DAYS if you are interested please let me know and show me some examples of your work. Must be able to complete requests within a suitable time window for when I would need them.

I just don’t want to go to a million different people for art :confused: I will also be collaborating with @Kalani-Santino for this contest .

Must be able to do:
Background edits

Art scenes are not necessary as I have a artist however I will let you do them if you want to but it just be semi relatisic :blush:

Thank you so much.

I recommend my thread The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop if you need any art scenes, covers, splashes, overlays, etc.:grin:

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Thank you so much :blush:

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