Main Character helpppp!

Hello. Hi.

So um… I have no idea what hair color to give my main character :joy::joy::joy: like you always see the main chick have like black hair, brown hair, ginger hair or blonde/planium hair.

But for the story I have, I just feel like none of those really suit her, and she’s one of those characters that dyes their hair. But Idk what color… could some help me please?


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Purpleee lol

Oooh, haven’t seen many stories with purple haired MC.


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Lol your welcome

Or pink


Ooh true. Well In the secret of rain I think it is, the MC has blue hair.
And in infamous one of the female MC has green hair.

I’ve never seen a MC with pink though…

@Zagical @Katelyne

Also, would green eyes or purple be better for pink hair?

Thanks! And I’m trying to find a good male character for her LI, got any ideas for me? :grimacing:

LL or ink?

@Katelyne @Zagical

INK :sweat_smile:

Kk I got one hold on


Here’s a side character from one of my stories
Skin: honey
Brows: thin arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (platinum blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Sloping (green)
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
mouth: uneven (taupe)

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Forced to be a vampire… The MC’s bestie dyes her hair green and blue. xD

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Yw! :blush:

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What about mint hair?

Yeah true :thinking:

Yeah almost never see a story with a mc with mint hair

Ikr, which do you think would be better? Pink or mint?