Main character opening their locker in crowded area

Hi I’m trying to find a way for my main character Kiara to open her locker in this background: INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS - DAY, take out a book and then walk to class (everything in a crowded area). Is it possible? Does someone have a template for it?

@CHARC is tinker_stand_neutral__rear_loop (or whatever the animation is, I’m on my phone so I can’t copy and paste it)
@add Open School Book (whatever it is) to CHARC
@CHARC faces right
Spot directing for walk to exit also depends on how many other students are in front so you layer lower number.

Alright thx! :slight_smile:

check @episode.advice linktree I think they have a script template for this background

Ok thx for the advice. c:

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