Main Charcters places ( limelight)

main places going there will be more aded or you can ask for a place thats not on here deatils and

Mayers Daughter
Best friend that betrays
Best friend (boy) @Ayu
Sun Goddess @LushLove
Moon goddess @Ayu
Fairy Queen @fluffyrice
Fairy Princess @AnonymousAuthor1
Shy Girl
Harley Quins Daughter

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can I be the Fairy Queen?

Can I be the Sun Goddess

wait no, i wanna be the princess instead

Do you need Character details?

Name: Kendall Hastings (idk if you wanted names)
Skin Tone: Copper 05
Eyebrows: Arched Natural - Black Dark
Hair: Long Feathered - Black Dark
Eyes: Female Generic - Emerald Green
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty - Brown Gold

yes I do need details

when your in fairy form what wings do you want?

what will her outfit be?

Skin - Gold 04
Eyebrows:Arched Natural - Black
Hair- Long feathered - Black
Eyes - Round down turned wide - Brown
Faces - Diamond
Nose- Defined natural
Lips- Full heart Pouty - Red matte

witch oulfit do u want? u could send me a screenshot of what u want

i quite like this outfit:

will you be giving credit?

thanks but whats her name

yep ill give credit saying your the ones her


Hey what do you want the Sun Goddess a good charatcer or an evil character. I think that will help with making the out fit

Well shes got a good side and a bad form because she gets transformed by hades at one point but shes good so u can make both oulfits! and ps whats her name your gonna give her

can u guys link your friends to lok at this pls

@fluffyrice you should add Sierra

I don’t get it, haha. What’s this for?