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places for charcters

for characters in this person’s story

you’ll get credit

u can be more than 1 person u know

Oh! Okay, cool! This seems fun. Can I be the Fairy Queen? I’ll post character details and outfit in a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks @AnonymousAuthor1 for telling me! :smiley:

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omggg lmao Sierra’s gonna be Kendall’s mom

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sure u an be fairy queen

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:rofl: Daughter and mother love

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can u link some of your friends that use this or might be intrested

I couldn’t choose which looks and I didn’t really know what vibe you were going for

The white ones are the good ones
The red and the black ones are for the hades part

But ya know. What ever floats your boat

As to what name she will be called I have literally no idea

thease are all so great I love them all is it okay if I do a combo of thease oulfits

Sure just show me what you have in mind

sure let me do them

its just a exsample of them o I wont do u charcter as the model

CHARACTER DETAILS: Sierra (She’s the main character of my story, haha!)

BODY: Neutral 1
BROW: Round Medium (Chestnut Brown)
HAIR: Long Straight Loose Solid (Medium Warm Brown)
EYES: Female Generic (Brown Black)
FACE: Heart Soft
NOSE: Round Button Upturned
LIPS: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Matte)

O.M.FUDGE NUGGETS this is amazing

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I’m glad you like it! I tried my best to fit into the Fairy Queen thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

its amazing littrialy i was having a drink then i managed to hold the pop in so i didt spit it out on my computar

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it was that good

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