Main Male Character Name Voting

I got few male characters name but they are the minor characters who play less role in my upcoming story but I want something different yet bold and unique or just simply different name for the main male character who will be a love interest.

I have a few or more male names but I’m indecisive if I really want to go with it or does it sounds different and unique or have a meaning to it. Me personally I like creating names that will be different for everyone else and have a good meaning into it.

Vote for which male character names (first and last name) I should go with or if I shouldn’t pick that name or any suggestions of name (comment below) will be fine but I will have the last say in it if want to go with the name you suggested.

  • Ace Price
  • Ace Holten
  • Ace Hart
  • Ace Miller
  • Ace Carter
  • Raiden Price
  • Raiden Holten
  • Raiden Hart
  • Raiden Miller
  • Raiden Carter

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I kind of like between Ace Carter and Raiden Hart :woman_shrugging:t4:.

As you can see or tell I think I am bad at making characters name.

Any constructive criticism is fine, I guess as well it is not say in a wrong way.

Voting will be close in 3 days…


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Thanks! I need to read the forum tutorial guid. So I wouldn’t make any mistake where to put where to🤦🏽‍♀️.

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