Majority's clothing shop!

Hey guys!
I’m Majority and I have a looooot of free time at the moment (no exams😉)
Combining clothes makes me a lot of fun, so I thought why shouldn’t I create this topic to do the outfits for you, guys?
I offer Limelight and Ink outfits. At first I thought I would offer limelight only, but ink seems very popular, so I decided to offer both😅 Credit to my Episode Forums Name: Majority, thank you!

The only things I want to know are:

Story Style: Limelight/ Ink

Btw: Each of you can request a maximum of 5 outfits!

Please don’t be shy and request diligent😅


Put your category in Art Resources.

Make sure she has glasses
thanks <3

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Which style you would prefer? Limelight/ Ink
And how old is the character?

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Ink and around 25-30

Alright, I’ll send you the outfit when I have time.

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Thank you <3

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Here it is. Hope you’re ok with it! Thank you for your request! :two_hearts:


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Thank you so much x

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Thank you !