Make 2 characters talk at the same time


Does anyone know how to make two characters answer at the same time?

I put it like this :

But it’s not pulling up.


I dont think you can do that


You can’t. There can only be one speechbubble at a time. But you can create a character named “BOTH” and have that character speak while Bella and Ricky are doing a talking animation.


You can’t. But you can create character named BOTH or else and use narrator speech bubble


I don’t think you can do it like that. One way I can think that would work is to make a new character with “BELLA and RICKY” as the display name. Then when you want both characters to look like they are answering you place that character off screen and then spot direct the bubble between the 2 characters so it looks like they are answering.


You COULD upload an overlay of a speech bubble, whether one with two sticks, or two each with one stick. And then add them to the character, or add a speech bubble in the script, and then add an overlay, and then remove the overlay when the speech bubble is gone

Like so:
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE shifts to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE scales to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE opacity 1.0

    CHARACTER (talk_apathatic)
This is for your other speech bubble.

&overlay OVERLAY clear


&remove overlay OVERLAY

Won’t work and you won’t be able to publish with the code.


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