Make 2 characters talk at the same time


Does anyone know how to make two characters answer at the same time?

I put it like this :

But it’s not pulling up.


I dont think you can do that


You can’t. There can only be one speechbubble at a time. But you can create a character named “BOTH” and have that character speak while Bella and Ricky are doing a talking animation.


You can’t. But you can create character named BOTH or else and use narrator speech bubble


You COULD upload an overlay of a speech bubble, whether one with two sticks, or two each with one stick. And then add them to the character, or add a speech bubble in the script, and then add an overlay, and then remove the overlay when the speech bubble is gone

Like so:
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE shifts to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE scales to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY SPEECHBUBBLE opacity 1.0

    CHARACTER (talk_apathatic)
This is for your other speech bubble.

&overlay OVERLAY clear


&remove overlay OVERLAY

Won’t work and you won’t be able to publish with the code.


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