Make a bag fall to the side, script help please

I have struggled with making this look alright. unfortently I cant make this bag look like it is faling. kinda its standing and then it falls if you wanna imagine an example of what I want it to do take a pencil put it on the spids and let go. instead what it does is you balance it on the tip and then lay it flat down instead

sorry bad example. can anyone help this is the script I have

@overlay BLACK BAG create
@overlay 5973885830823936_BLACK BAG shifts to 121 152 in zone 2
@overlay 5973885830823936_BLACK BAG scales to 0.184 0.184 in zone 2
&overlay BLACK BAG opacity 1 in 0

@pause for a beat

&overlay 5973885830823936_BLACK BAG shifts to 192 195 in zone 2 using easeout
&overlay 5973885830823936_BLACK BAG scales to 0.184 0.184 in zone 2
@overlay BLACK BAG rotates 250 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1

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Is black bag like supposed to be a balloon or a kite or something? I want to help you but I never even learnes how to use an overlay… Like idk how to do that yet. Unfortunately:(

its a bag pack, this one to be specific

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Pretty. What exactly do you want to do with the overlay??

I want it to fall over. like going from standing to laying down. I have tried to so many diffrent combos on codeing and non of them do it right

falling like a cup??

Just change the & to @ like so (On the second last line), I think that should work. Also, I’m not super experienced with these but I think you might want to use anchor point 0 0 (Or maybe 0.5 0.5 might be better according to your placement, I’m not sure)

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