Make a Character for my story!


Hi, I am making a story and I came to what always happens… I can’t think of characters! So I thought hey what if I put people into my story I know! I made my family and some of my friends but I only added about 9 people and most of them didn’t work and I ended up with 4… This is when I finally thought that I could have it where people could make themselfs or make a random Character it doesn’t really matter, so if you want to help with making characters please do this


Hi there! I’ve submitted a form and hope to be a character. Good luck to you and your story!




Hey, I submitted to your form. Tell me more about your story!


Alrighty, I filled it out so you have more to choose from. I look forwards to seeing your story!


Thanks both of you! I don’t know everything but I have worked out this, The main Character is also the villain, I have made some of Episode one and I plan on calling it “Friend or Fo” but I am still a little half and half for that


If you mean “Fo” as in someone who is an enemy, It’s actually spelled “Foe.” Just wanted to let you know so you don’t have a potential typo.


I realized that after I did enter on the message… Lucky the story still says Foe