Make An Art Scene For Me?

I’m looking for someone who wants to try some art work. Your art would be featured in my new story “Song of the Wolf.” WARNING: If you are looking for payment for your art, I could not pay you. Look somewhere else; this is strictly for fun. All of the details for the two characters, outfits and backgrounds will be listed below as well as what I was thinking for the art scenes. If you are interested, dm me or comment below. Thanks. Love ya.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:

Female MC:
Body- Light
Brow- Soft Angle
Hair- Fishtail Braid (Fawn)
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Green)
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Blossom Lips (Plum)

Female Outfit:
Top- Goth Girl Top (Plum)
Bottoms- Black Short Pencil Skirt
Shoes- Chocolate Espadrilles Wedges


Male MC:
Body- Taupe
Brow- Thick Arch
Hair- Spiked Up Hair (Black)
Eyes- Classic Round (Green)
Face- Defined Triangle
Nose- Button
Lips- Uneven (Taupe)

Male Outfit:
Top- VNeck Tshirt (Navy)
Jacket- Blue Moon Jacket
Bottoms- Ripped Punk Pants
Shoes- Basic Sneakers (Black)



My Idea:
Chase grabs Blaire by the arm as she is leaving and pushes her up to the shelf and puts his arms on both sides of her, the one farthest away from the audience is up a little higher on the wall. Their bodies are really close together, but their faces are even closer; Blaire is really nervous. Chase stares very intently into her eyes and Blaire stares back just as intensely. Example:

except his other arm is on the wall by her hip

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Wow… that looks intense… i would love to read it if its out…
I can give it a go if u like? Looks really interesting

I will dm u…