Make art requests here - I'm pretty quick I guess, I can do it in a day or two


Hey, I have recently started doing art requests and it’s kinda fun. I can do cover art, art scenes, splashes, character edits, profile pictures, and overlays. When I message you about what you want I need more than just the character, I need to know what idea you have for what you want. Once we’ve spoken through a pm and I’ve gotten all the details, you can expect the request in a day or two (even less if it’s a cover, an overlay, or a splash). I don’t put a watermark, so please give me credit using freakish._.trash, it’s my instagram. Maybe even check out my story Freakish, kind of like a trade.

Cover Art

Art Scenes





They look amazing girlie!


Thank you


These are great :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you


great work!


Thank you


Once so start on my story I will definitely come to you for art :slight_smile:


Hope to hear from you soon, good luck on your story


Boy (surprised/repulsed look):
Spiked Up Hair- White
Thin Arch
Classic Almond- Hickory
Hooked Nose
Smirk- Terracotta
Background- image
(Please Digital Draw it.)


Ok, well I wan’t an art scene like this:

But, the only thing I wan’t changed is that can his arm be wrapped around her body? And I want the covers wrapped around their waist (which I would like it to be white & black stripped). Also, could you add tattoos to the boy’s arm?

My character details are:
Skin: Brown Rose
Eyebrows: Arched thin (Black Dark)
Hair:Long Straight Loose Solid (Black Dark)
Eyes: Round downturned wide ( Brown Dark)
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red deep gloss)

Skin: Brown Rose
Eyebrows: Round This (Black Dark)
Hair: Short Curly Fade (Black Dark)
Eyes: Deepest Downturned (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond Soft
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Thin Heart (Brown Neutral)

GIRL: Underwear Bra Panty Lace Red, Tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutralblack, Diamond Cluster Earcuff Earring Metal Diamondwhite
BOY: Swim Trunks Loose Tied Neutral Black, Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Grey Black


Sorry if this is too much