Make character bald?


Is there any way I can make my character bald headed?
She initially has hair but she becomes bald. Can I change that half way through the story?


You have to create a twin of your character with a bald head


Right, I haven’t thought of that. Thanks!


You can also just have her change her hairstyle, like this:

@YOU changes hair into Bald


I did that but it doesn’t work which is why I wanted to see if there was any other way :smile:


Oh weird, usually that works for me :confused: Can I ask what style you are writing in (Ink, LL, Classic)?


I’m using LL

I think it works for INK?


The script doesn’t recognize “Bald” as a hairstyle. It doesn’t work in any style.


You just go in on there where you edit characters and choose the first buddon i think it’s called
No hair or something if you need directing help, story reweiws, art, character edits and so on

Go to Epi.bombs thread it is soon coming up


You’d need a duplicate character, or go to the character editor and click “No Hair”.