Make characters run


Ok guys, I searched EVERYWHERE for a solution but not a single one of those written all over here worked for me. I reaallly hope someone can help me!
I’m struggling to make my character run from one point to another point of the scene.
I tried everything and it just makes her “look” like she’s running but her legs won’t move and she seems to “slide”, I don’t know how to really make her legs move while running.


It’s like:

@CHARACTER walks to spot xxx AND CHARACTER does it while run_athletic (or whatever kind of running you want to use).


You can try to use the “does it while” command
eg :
@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ AND CHARACTER does it while “action”


I’m trying it right now. Thank you


Again, it starts by working like half a second and then she does the rest of the “running” thing “sliding” without her legs moving again, it looks so weird!


No I’m using the run_casual, do you think I should “repeat” the action so it won’t stop like this?


it’s the last command of it
I wrote :
@ELIANA walks to spot 1.280 47 14 in zone 3 AND ELIANA does it while run_casual

And she does but the “running” effect freezes


I think it’s like you said, if I repeat the action she keeps on running, it seems it’s too short for her to go directly from the right side of the screen to the left one
I tried with both app and portal previewer, it looks exactly the same


It works with some other animations! Thank you, the one I was using is too short so I have to divide the running thing and it’s tooooo long. Thanks!


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: