Whats the fun in that? Who will want to read that? How many people created stories with spotlight?

Quite many :wink:

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First for all, I think you need to realize coding is something that actually can’t really be made easier, from my experiences in coding programs, Episode already did it as simple as it can be.
Second, with more complex coding we can create better directing, which majority of us likes to see and do. It takes time to learn it, but it’s worth it.
Third, the way you brought up people with disabilities after some people here disagreed with you made it only seem like you are using them to support your argument, since you didn’t mention them in the original post. I agree that they need more help with this and it’s harder for them, but in reality no one with such disability would start working in programming, because believe it or not, episode coding is actually similar to actual programming and coding, especially to Python. There are other apps and websites where they can write, plus spotlight as was mentioned here.
Just my two cents


There code learned disability program code see them .

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This whole thing is really vaguely written, the episode team can’t just make it easier out of nowhere. And in my opinion, coding already is really easy as it is. I started coding when I was twelve and I am not even American. Sure, everyone learns in a different way, but I have IT in school right now, in comparison Episode is really easy.


I originally was getting at people who cant! I wasnt making exuses at all! Or trying to make people agree! I was trying to ask their opinion which is why i used question marks! If i was trying to make people agree i wouldnt use question marks! Im not tring to make anyone feel bad but maybe i didnt make myself clear i did say to drop comments so i was asking opinions! Im sorry you feel like i was throwing the disability topic on everyone but i read another topic and wanted to make this but clearly i did NOT make myself clear! I dont really care if people disagree, im looking to help people who need the help!

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I need to every learned disability that need help

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