Make friends and tell about yourself

Hey all …I am from India and new .what abt u all ??


I am from somewhere, and I love to dance!

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Hello I am Danie from somewhere, and I have no friends lmao


I’m Maya from The UK

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Haha …same


What’s your real name

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Maya is my real name…
:no_mouth: :neutral_face:

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Hi I’m Helen and I’m from Scotland, uk

My name leshell nice meet you

Hi! My name is Bianca and I’m from Italy!

Hey I’m Kalanie I’m from Washington and I love soccer!

I’m from cali and I have zero inspo to write lol

We all can be frnds …my Insta Id is g_kaushik_

hey! I go by Dee and i’m from the US sadly :joy::joy: but let’s be friends ! dm on ig @episodesbydee

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I have msgsed uh !! Girl …and I am from India …my Insta I’d g_kaushik_

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I messaged you back too

Same pinch!! From india

Hyy maya @Maya_Reihnard

I am ganga and I’m an indian love to talk and make friends!!!:blush::blush::blush:

Which place :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: kya pta same jgh ho :joy::joy: