Make friends here! πŸ’•πŸ’•

I saw this topic of a wedding and someone said tag your friends, then someone reacted with β€œI dont have many friends here.” I realized that I don’t have many friends as well on here…

Soooo I decided to make this topic (not sure if it already has been made, sorry if it has been made already.)
Just interact below with people or pm me if you wanna talk because I need friends <3

You can make here friends as well x.


Hello! I can be your friend :smiley:

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Thank you!!

Hey! So the forum guidelines say, you can’t make chat threads! I believe these are consider what to be a spam!

@Sydney_H @Nick

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Closed for violating the following forum rules:

If there are other chat threads that we have not gotten to yet please make sure to flag them to make the team aware of them. Thanks! :v: