Make it characters sit behind tables

Do I have to code a character to sit behind tables or does it do it Automatically

No it’s an episode background with a table at the front but I’m not sure if I have to put a code in for it

Sometimes you don’t need to code them, some others you do.

Preview your story before coding them and see if the character stands behind the table overlay, if it doesn’t, put @CHARACTER moves to layer # and @overlay to layer #
The layer of the character needs to be low than the overlays.

For example:
@CHARACTER moves to layer 1
@overlay to layer 2

if the background has ol in its name, then there’s already an overlay in which u only need to position ur char. every other background you must manually place the overlays

if u mean if the characters will automatically be sitting at the tables in a fixed position, then no. you have to use spot directing

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I think Januva answered it I just add some notes:

  1. if you do not use episode background which includes the overlay you can create it and uploade it as your own if you can work with picture manipulating programs like photoshop or gimp or similar.

  2. when you use overlay you need to layer characters and overlay so thay will really end up behind the table overlay
    HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

  3. to make them sit on specific spot you usually need to use spotdirecting.

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