Make limelight more realistic

So I dig the limelight style but I hate how it can be so unrealistic at times. This is also the reason why some people prefer the Ink style because the animations have so much emotion.
The best example for this is the punching:
The limelight punches are so freaking weak. It’s like their trying to fluff up their pillow.
The ink punches are fast, you can really see the anger in their eyes. You can also see how much strength the character puts into when punching. How they move back and fourth, how their shoulders cooperate. How each part of their body is animated so beautifully.

I just CAN’T for the limelight
The kicks are better than the punches.

So I suggest fixing the punching animation.


Limelight’s punches be like



I know right. Ink punches are better

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