Make MC family look like MC

Hey guys.
I hope you are all doing great!

I have been working on my story and I have added CC.

But I don’t get how you make the male look like the female MC

These are the instructions
For OPPOSITE SEX family members, add just one of the opposite sex to the customization template. So if the character being customized is a female, you need to add a male family member to the template to get customized at the same time (and vice versa).

But I don’t get it because I’m a bit stupid lol but if anyone can elaborate on what it means that would be great.

And I’m sorry if I keep you too long. :sweat:

I think the example at the bottom of that page helps a lot :0

Just follow the format of the example and you’ll be good-

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I really like this template, because it covers multiple ages and family members.

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