Make new friends!

Maybe you can make a topic about it.

Oof, I take french lol in school.

That doesn’t look simple either

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Lol, somehow I get A+'s in french lol. Until one time, everything changed. I got a B+ on a test for the first time. Shooked

Hi, sure :wink:

My math tests are like that too lol :joy:

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Oh hey lol. I guess I know what you are up to already sksk

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What do you think he’s up to lol? :wink:

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Hello, my name is Fau. I’m new in this thread, but I had been an episode member two years ago. Nice to know you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heyy, nice too meet you :smile:

Wow, it’s cool. I wanna learn the languages you study. :+1: :

Yeah it’s fun, but it’s pretty much :joy:

Same here, I used to learn five languages in school. :smile:

I did, just now. xd

Is it alright if I post the link to that post for people to share their languages?

Yeah, that’s alright :+1:

Ay, thanks. **Language Exchange Chat** <—

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