Make some new friends here!


I was gone for quite some time, just wanted to let everyone I am back!! Stop in and say hello!!

Make friends here!


Girl, me too! I haven’t been on in a year! I decided to come back because I kept seeing Ad’s and it made me miss it so I re-downloaded the app again. Haha. Anyways hello!


Hi I’m new here and it would be nice to make some friends


cool! My name is Amani. Nice to meet you.


Hey I feel you, I am slightly the same i haven’t been on the forums for a while but then you just get this itch to go back on and then you realise how much you’re missing out on, because everyone on here is lovely :blush: :joy:


The ads are so weird though, they always advertise the characters about to have sex or something. It makes me laugh every time because majority of the stories are nothing like that, hahahah.

And I missed out on so much! Like when did limelight come out? Omg. I’ve tried to re-make my old stories in limelight and I blank out with the coding, I forgot everything hahahaha.


:joy::rofl: true,
I would say a couple of months ago :joy:
Yeh the coding is slightly different but also the same I find myself putting in a code i think is right, But then it turns out to be slightly different or i have missed something that needs to be there for it to work :joy:

And when i came back to the forums i found myself confused with the layout and making mistakes here and there and i just laughed at my self :smile:
But the good thing is it naturally comes back to you so i’m sure you’ll be fine :blush:


Heyyy guys! Not new here, and I’m active everyday, and I have a lot of IBF’s (Internet Best Friends), but what’s some more? I think @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE has seen me 'round? :sweat_smile:
The chocolate queen has missed you or wanted to kill you… :fearful:


Hey :smile: I love your profile picture :blush: it’s really pretty bright and colourful and pizza is life :joy:


K, thanks ^-^


Lol yh I’ve seen you around. And yes she seems to have missed me posting but I was able to say in contact with her


sorry just now logged on, its nice to meet you too


nice to meet you too!!!

I’m trying to get back into the community as best I can


Hi, and welcome back, Amani!


thx Once! I’m really happy to be back


Hi, I’m new here as well. It would be great if I could make some new friends :slight_smile: