Make the cot into an overlay


I know this one is really hard!
But can someone make the cot into an overlay (it’s difficult trying to cut through those lines) to make is seem the baby is placed inside the cot :smiley:


Greek Gods can do it! Request here.


Request here :heart:
Episode Harmony


here you go, if you still need it.


I already did it…


Oh, I’m sorry. Nevermind then, she doesn’t need to use it.
Sorry for the trouble as well.


It’s fine. You were just trying to help after all!


Thank you. Also, I didn’t catch some of the details anyways, so I probably did a rough job.


Thank you! But I meant turning the cot bars into an overlay. Should have worded it better :smile:
Someone has already done it, but thank you so much! :heart: Also your username inspired me to write something in my story about it :wink:


Thank you! And I’m sorry, I usually forget to look in the comments, I’m so silly. And you’re honestly the best there is! I would be bored out of my mind if I didn’t have to make stuff.


Do you still need this overlay??


someone will probably use it lel