Make this into an overlay please!


It is a little tricky because you really have to cut out between the bars.
But I want it so that you can put a baby swaddle on it with the bars on top so that it shows the baby is inside.

Can someone do it?

Thank you so much!


P.S No threads please!


Like this


You the best! :heart:

One more thing; so it seems like the baby is actually inside the bed.

Could you make an overlay of JUST the front bars so I can place them on top of the baby?




Or maybe make an overlay of the front bars but cut out the front bit of the bed?

If you can’t then no worries :heart:


I can do it


I don’t think I did it right 1544307855804


There are some bars missing but thank you so much for trying!

Let me see; it might actually work


Okay, and you’re right it is hard


Just tried it now and it looks great!

Thank you so much :heart:


No problem