Make Your Character Interesting! Exercises!

This made me go like OMG, questions about Dia!!

This one made me go :thinking: I really wanna read this LOL


Haha…:sweat_smile: Dia isn’t his girlfriend in the story…yet. :smirk: You’ll see once I’m done.


I have four main characters, arguably 5, LOL, so…I’mma do 2 MC’s and accept the challenge of doing the…antagonist…one of them? Kinda? Mine is done like a Pixar story kinda, there isn’t really a stable “antagonist” :thinking: Hm…

MC: Aerro

1. Favorite color?


2. Favorite food?

Hungarian Goulash (without onions)

3. Biggest fear?

His family becoming (more) broken, like him not getting along with his brothers and his father dying far too soon and Aren (his brother) killing himself - He fears he will not be able to do anything to keep his family together

4. Fondest memory?

His parents took him and his brothers to a diner before his mom died and before they knew she was sick, which the entire day was a fun day, but at the end of the night, at the diner, things were stable, happy, and he holds onto that.

5. Worst memory?

The hours before his mother passed away

6. The part they most like about themselves?

He’s a kind soul

7. The part they least like about themselves?

He feels like he is a coward and a bad leader despite wanting desperately to do everything he can to keep his family together.

8. Sexuality?


9. Parents’ names?

Andreas (Antti) and Judith Sorenson

10. Biggest motivation in your story?

Having a good family and keeping his relationships in tact with his brothers and girlfriend

11. What makes them really angry?

When anybody (especially his brothers) make comments that either purposefully or even accidentally hurt his family (especially if Aren is hurt)

12. What makes them cry?

Failing (or thinking that he’s failed) at keeping his relationships strong, like with his girlfriend Regina and his brothers “to the point of no return” (he worries about this kinda thing a lot)

13. Favorite person?

Regina, most of the time

14. Biggest flaw?

He represses his feelings, trying often to put on a brave face to keep up the appearance that everything is fine. At the same time, he avoids conflict.

15. Biggest struggle in your story?

Um…I actually can’t reveal that ^^’ His second biggest struggle however is somewhat a man-versus-self deal, as he has to get over the fact that he can’t always control if or how his family starts falling apart sometimes

16. Most annoying quality?

Pretending problems don’t exist sometimes

17. Most endearing quality?

Eager to help people

18. What makes them different/special?

Aerro is an ISFJ - T, the defender. “Defenders are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity.”

19. What purpose do they serve in the story?
20. Why did you write them?

He’s like the glue that keeps the family together in the story. As a character that people read, his purpose is incomplete without Regina, to show an example of a healthy and loving relationship where the conflicts don’t involve infidelity. They’re more traditional, at least the most traditional couple. He fulfills the role of a stable, steady and competent man (most of the time) and Gina is her own role. The most notable thing about their relationship that isn’t traditional though is actually that she has a major advantage in being the “breadwinner”.

Antagonist? Daphnes

1. Favorite color?


2. Favorite food?

Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, and steamed vegetables. Basically, the entire turkey dinner

3. Biggest fear?

An economic depression, because then his business will fall with it.

4. Fondest memory?

His daughter, Regina, being born

5. Worst memory?

When he was a kid, he had a traumatic, painful experience and he had passed out, getting a concussion as well. It was very scary for him at the time and nothing has been nearly as painful as that day.

6. The part they most like about themselves?

He gets things done very clean and quick.

7. The part they least like about themselves?

He has weaknesses, plain and simple. As he’s a perfectionist, having any amount of weakness is frustrating for him, and he does everything he can to not reveal them or talk about them.

8. Sexuality?


9. Parents’ names?

Margaret and Johan (yo - hawn)

10. Biggest motivation in your story?

On-screen, his motivation is to help steer Regina down the correct path. Off-screen, he wants to keep his business successful and running.

11. What makes them really angry?

Insubordination and rebellion.

12. What makes them cry?

Intense physical pain - nerve damage

13. Favorite person?

His daughter, Regina <3

14. Biggest flaw?

Distrust in whatever is “other” to him - “The problem with being so fixated on what works is that Executives too often dismiss what might work better. Everything is opinion until proven, and Executive personalities are reluctant to trust an opinion long enough for it to have that chance.”

15. Biggest struggle in your story?

On-screen, it is coming to terms with Regina’s choice in a partner, Aerro.

16. Most annoying quality?

He’s quite judgmental and it can be difficult to change his mind.

17. Most endearing quality?


18. What makes them different/special?

He is an ESTJ - A, the executive. “Executive personalities lead by example, demonstrating dedication and purposeful honesty, and an utter rejection of laziness and cheating…”

19. What purpose do they serve in the story?

He is one of the obstacles and conflicts that stand between Aerro and Regina.

20. Why did you write them?

Regina is extremely influenced by her father. He’s a successful business owner, and she believes her father put the moon and the sun in the sky and mapped out the stars. She looks up to him and loves him dearly. Inspired by my own father, Daphnes is a fantastic father even if he does have some incredibly FATAL flaws.


I’m doing this as my MC Elsie from my upcoming story. :wink:

  1. Favourite colour; Blue? I guess blue. Blue is a good colour, right?
  2. Favourite food; Mmm, I’m not allowed to say everything and anything, am I? I guess Mexican. I’ll eat it all.
  3. Biggest fear; Eeesh. Biggest fear? Besides wasps, I’d say turning into my mother. Urgh, even the thought of it makes me shiver.
  4. Fondest memory; Now that’s a hard one. Out of the very small pile, I’d say when my mom took me to the cinema when I was a kid. It was one of the only times we spent time together, with no insults, no sly jabs, no comparing me to my sister.
  5. Worst memory; I guess when my girlfriend broke up with me? We both said somethings we both regret. I’d rather not talk about it.
  6. Part they like most about themselves; I guess I’m kind? You know inner beauty and that stuff.
  7. Part they like least; I guess I’m quite closed off. My sister says I need to communicate my feelings a bit more. But this chick also styled her lip plumpers off a bratz doll, so what does she know.
  8. Sexuality; Bisexual.
  9. Parents names; Timm and Kayoko. Interesting fact, Kayoko means one full of secrets. Spoiler for the story.
  10. Biggest motivation; I would say probably move on from Oliver. But he’s in the past. So I’m gonna get a job asap so I can get away from my family.
  11. What makes her angry; My mom. I think she regrets giving birth to me. It’s like I’m only there for her to insult and compare to my sister.
  12. What makes her cry; I never really cry. I tend to put things in boxes and shove them to the back of my mind and never open them. And maybe Marley & Me.
  13. Favourite person; My sister’s girlfriend, I guess? It’s not a weird thing, I promise. She’s just the most likeable person on earth.
  14. Biggest flaw; Hot head. And likes to stir shit up.
  15. Biggest struggle; Accepting my feelings. I can’t move on from you know who until I do, which sucks.
  16. Most annoying quality; shit stirring. It’s a legit problem for me.
  17. Most endearing quality; I’m very forgiving. I think.
  18. What makes her different; I guess she has a lot of internal struggles she doesn’t communicate. She can come off as a bit rude and short, but she really does mean well.
  19. What purpose does she serve; She’s the MC. Most is explained in the next point.
  20. Why did I write her; Elsie is a very different character to any I’ve written/read. She’s constantly belittled and slyly insulted by her mom, so she feels out of place in her family. She feels like her family are living in some ideal, magical reality that she’s not part of. Over her life she’s put up defences cause of her mom chipping away (guilt tripping her, setting her extremely high standards, preferring her sister over her) at her over the years, so it’s hard for her to open up. She claims she hates her family, but she loves them really. She won’t ever admit it, but she just wants her mom’s love and approval. The only time she ever let her guards down was for a guy (the Li) and unknown to him, her feelings were hurt. When he comes back into her life, she has to overcome all her inner turmoil to embrace her feelings, and decide if she has to fight for what she wants.

My character, Kyler Nate or Nate Kyler

  1. Favourite colour? Orange
  2. Favourite food? Pasta
  3. Biggest fear? Failing
  4. Fondest memory? The day was returned to his mother, age 13, after she was released from a drug facility
  5. Worst memory?
    The day he had to go to live with his biological father.
  6. The part they most like about themselves?
    Their confident and how intelligent he is.
  7. The part they least like about themselves?
    Having a hard time with decisions and procrastinating
  8. Sexuality?
    Straight/maybe bi
  9. Parents’ names?
    Nevada Fahr {Mom}
    Gage Leblanc {Dad}
  10. Biggest motivation in your story?
    Supporting the MC with her decisions and take care of himself first when it’s important.
  11. What makes them really angry?
    being lied to
  12. What makes them cry?
    Losing someone they really care about, hurting others by mistakes
  13. Favourite person?
    His mother
  14. Biggest flaw?
    He doesn’t have trust issue but he’s trust in others too much
  15. Biggest struggle in your story?
    When the MC and Kyler need to make a decision if they can fight together or just by one.
  16. Most annoying quality?
    He’s too confident and smart sometimes makes the MC confused :joy:
  17. Most endearing quality?
  18. What makes them different/special?
    They’re not a bad boy lmao
    They’re not perfect. He’s a window basically. You can read him easily
  19. What purpose do they serve in the story?
    Supporting the MC and maybe being a possible lover.
  20. Why did you write them?
    I really wanted to put in a special character who would bring in emotion with his story. Now I kinda want t put him as the MC :joy:
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Hi everyone! Since the first exercise went down so well, I have another one for you to try to help you build your characters!

Here are the rules:

  1. Write the name of the exercise.
  2. Think of one character. Choose a good one and don’t change!
  3. Choose randomly from the list of OBJECTS. Do this AFTER you’ve chosen the character. It’s supposed to be a little difficult!
  4. Choose randomly from the list of EMOTIONS/FEELINGS
  5. Write 20-100 words about the object from the character’s point of view. The character should be feeling the emotion during the scene.
  6. Write the object number, the emotion number and name of the character underneath

I’ll try my best to comment on some of them, especially the funny, interesting or unknown ones

Also, it would be amazing if you could check out my blog in return! Every little helps!


Object 1

A preserved butterfly.

Object 2

A set of Russian dolls with a creepy expression.

Object 3

A bottle of wine. Tasteful. Expensive.

Object 4

A yellow flower with a curious smell.

Object 5

Eighteen boxes, tiny but heavy.

Object 6

Empty armour with eyes.

Object 7

A random hat, snagged on the branch of a tree.

Object 8

A purple pencil, reverberating with power.

Object 9

A branch… or is it a wand?

Object 10

Just a ball. A giant, orange ball.

Object 11

An old photograph of someone lost.

Object 12

A pool of suspicious-looking liquid.

Object 13

An old, rusted sword.

Object 14

A shiny nail sticking out of the wall.

Object 15

A bronze coin laying on the ground.

Object 16

A bone-shaped dog treat.

Object 17

A small, withered plant.

Object 18

A dusty, moth-eaten blanket.

Object 19

A plate: ornate, old, priceless.

Object 20

A rotten egg mayo sandwich.

Object 21

A fluffy pair of slippers.

Object 22

A fossil on a huge boulder.

Object 23

A book full of secrets about the character’s enemy/rival.

Object 24

An out of tune, black guitar.

Object 25

An out-of-date milk carton with the character’s wanted poster on it.

Object 26

A green hot water bottle.

Object 27

An old Nokia phone.


Emotion 1


Emotion 2


Emotion 3


Emotion 4


Emotion 5


Emotion 6


Emotion 7


Emotion 8


Emotion 9


Emotion 10


Emotion 11


Emotion 12


Emotion 13


Emotion 14


Emotion 15


Emotion 16


Emotion 17


Emotion 18


Have fun with this and tell me if you want more exercises!


You’re trippin. :skull:

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How? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ssksksks Do you see all that???

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It was really fun to write! xD You only pick one from each too!

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Righto. I’ll do Lara from One of the Girls. Her mindset will make this funny…
I’m guessing we don’t look at the object/emotion until we pick it, right? Because I’m avoiding looking as I’m unsure. And if that’s the case, I might do this for the main cast coz seems fun :smiley:


Helpful and brilliant methodology! <3

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Yeah! Just pick randomly and you’re stuck with the combination :wink:

It’s such a funny challenge!!


I want to do my main cast for my new story! But that might take me a while. I’m going to just put the numbers into a wheel and choose from that way. We’ll see how this turns out… lol This seems like so much fun! I just love character building exercises! Thanks @ShanniiWrites for this amazing idea! :heart:


Out of everyone, I really want to see Lara’s. :laughing:


I’m really looking forward to reading from Lara’s POV too! I love these exercises!

@MoonW13 and @michy I’m so glad you like these! There’s more to come if you’re up for them because I’ve got lots of ideas!


YES YES! I’m up for it. Hit me with it baby! Haha, gotta hone these writing skills! :joy:


World building and character building are literally my favorite parts of creating a story. If I can, I’ll most likely do every exercise you hit us with! :laughing:

I now got my numbers from the wheels for everyone and I’m curious to see what they are. Oh boy. :see_no_evil:


I’ll also probably be adding more objects when I can think of any. They need to be suitably weird :stuck_out_tongue: