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hi guys if you are wondering that why in feature story some different type of costume are there? so I must say we also you should Get this opportunity of making our own costume and the body shapes etc. We also want to make our own costume! Don’t you want?!

I have notice in many stories that characters have all gorgeous awesome dress on the body but as those story are feature, that cost us diamond. Holy crap! I mean a lot of diamond/gems. As I have look all over my laptop and not only ask google, search everywhere. But Unfortunately I can’t find, so I want Episode team to add a new OPTION like [Make your own Costume] like this

Thank you
Rose okuchi




In Feature Stories, the authors of those have exclusive access to certain outfits not available to normal creators. I believe they don’t plan to release a lot of that closet to the public, though they have released a few things. We do have a feature suggestion for the ability to create our own outfits though and one for different body types- support those on their respective threads so we can hopefully see them happen. Also, you can’t create your own outfit as a reader due to the nature of the coding for it, and I don’t think that’s a feasible feature.




Hi! Suggestion threads belong in the Feature Request section but there are already request threads covering your suggestions. Feel free to support them at the links @Lady-Mehek shared. Cheers :v:t2:

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