Hope you’re having a good day! Just here to say: Missing the OG stories of funny jokes and not super intimate content.
Can’t wait for the time I can go on any genre without being bombarded with romance material

now off to a daily online school with good vibes :sparkles:


I’m still waiting for the day where the fantasy section will actually include real wholesome fantasy stories instead of horny werewolf fantasies :broken_heart: Some of y’all are really getting gross :mask:


I really like Fantasy as a genre but am disappointed by the amount of trending stories that have the fantasy element as a subplot and the romance (especially the unhealthy kind) as the main plot when it should be the opposite. This is the same for the Thriller genre and Comedy genre.

I like romance but if I want to read romance, I’m not gonna look for one in the fantasy section.


I can really get behind making Episode as wholesome as possible! :yay:


Oh yea, I agree. It’s just sad that I have to dig through the fantasy section just to find a fantasy story. If I wanted romance, I would go to romance, sick of horny vampire stories under fantasy.


Werewolf bad boy versus the cold ice prince vampires
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: such a great fantasy


I hope Episode would just revamp some of their OG Classic Stories, they’re way better than the featured ones that we have right now. But at the same time, I’m also afraid that they might ruin their old stories by adding tons of ridiculous gem choices.


They would. Gem choices are so ridiculously high now. I remember when it was like 10 gems for a choice now it’s like ‘50 gems to not wear a dirty pair of sweatpants to a formal party’. :roll_eyes:


Im eagerly awaiting the time where the fantasy section will actually be fantasy, and not just romance with a few magic overlays thrown in. I’d be glad when I don’t see vampire stories written by horny people going through puberty :confounded: I’d also be over the moon when I don’t see an action story that’s actually romance and the only action in it is the mc running to school or she’s gonna be late :roll_eyes:


I miss the Ember Effect and The Secret of Rain.


Facts! (tho I always liked soulbound more)

If these werewolf/vampire stories could get out of the fantasy genre I would be forever grateful! Or if we could get more unique wholesome stories like something cool with a lot of lure! I’d be all over that!


Episode stories made me despise romance ngl.

Back when Episode was good :pensive:
Those stories were the best things on the app for so long. Miss Joseph Evans :((

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