Makeover Stories 💄💅🏽

So…. I know they get a bad rap around here, but I need you guys to recommend stories (preferably LL) that have a makeover as a key part of the plot. I’m writing a story and I need a reference for what to do and what not to do.

So feel free to recommend your own story or someone else’s! Good or bad, they’re both helpful.

The stories I’ve seen:
• College Makeover
• The Makeover That Changed Everything
• The Queen of Limelight
• Becoming Queen Bee
• The Transformation

Edit: Jeez, no recommendations? I guess those five stories are the only ones. It might have been more of a Classic trope than it is an Ink and Limelight trope. Regardless, people talk about it like they see it in every other story :roll_eyes:


So… I don’t want this thread to close, so I’m gonna open this up to just a discussion about the makeover cliche and why you do or don’t like it.


Enchantress by Mette Peleikis
Barely Mine by Trisha
Beauty Boss by Marion & Cpc
Eclipsis LL by Victoria Masina
Clockwork Hearts by Khrema
Crowned by Charli Foxx
Switch by Alusza
My Sister’s Crush by Melissa LaVone

Not all of them are the typical change your hair, add makeup, change your style “makeover” stories but they still have forms of makeovers. Anyways, I hope you like them!

Btw if you want to have a discussion for makeover stories - you will need to open a new thread and pick a different category. :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much for the recs! And yeah I think I’ll open a discussion thread once this thread is closed. Thank you!


No worries!


I get tired of stories when the girl is a “nerd” because she has a ponytail, dared to wear clothes that cover her shoulders or (shock horror) wears glasses. What the heck is wrong with a ponytail? Needing glasses is a necessity for people with poor eyesight not a fashion statement. Sexy clothes may be nice on occasions but you can’t wear them 24/7 (eg weather conditions/comfort)



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So true. I’ve been more interested in the idea of makeovers lately as a form of learning how to express yourself. When I was a freshman, I dressed pretty well, but I never looked good because I just didn’t like that clothes. And it showed. But in junior year, my friends showed me how they shopped for their preferences and did their make up to their liking and I experimented a lot and now I’m very comfortable in my fashion sense and I look great. Not because I’m “pretty” now, but because I like what I’m wearing.

I’m asking more about makeover stories because I wanted to know the conventions of the trope before I subverted them.

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Make me a Geek by RachelleFaucet kind of counts as a makeover story

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