Making a character hold items?

does anyone know how to make a character hold a piece of paper or note pad or something?

@CHARACTER is read_paper

@CHARACTER is idle_write_notepad (something like this, but I named the animation wrong)

yeah but how do u get the character holding the paper

i just put the code in…oh wait…

@CHARACTER is read_paper.

I am not sure if their is an animation that lets a character hold a paper.

There is an animation that let the character read the paper, but not hold.

yeah when i do @CHARACTER is read_paper their holding nothing their hand is just in the air

send your script code

MELODY (talk_read_paper_neutral)

@MELODY is read_paper

now, i wasnt sure of u was going to add dialogue.

yeah i did that too and shes still holding nothing

save it then refresh the page.

come out of that page then go back in.

its limelight if that makes a difference but read_paper isnt an animation read_paper_neutral is one tho

oh, i thought it was ink. Well, im not sure about limelight cause, i havent wrote any story in limelight before.

Check the the animations section in the Art Category, and look to see if their is an animation for limelight that have the note pad or holding paper animation.

alright thanks x

np. take your time when you are looking cause their are A LOT of animations for that style.

This post can help you :wink:

thank you

you’re welcome

To add paper:

@add Sheet Paper White to CHAR

To remove paper:

@remove Sheet Paper White from CHAR

*Replace CHAR with your character’s name