Making a Character Pause Mid-Action

In order to portray the act of being deceased, I wish to find the way in which to make a character cease all movement (including blinking, breathing, and etc). Preferably, doing so would be without taking a screenshot as I can not un-pixalate the images I’ve taken. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

You can you @CHAR is shocked
Then do @pause for a beat

Do you suppose this may work for the template “Limelight,” as well? As I’m under the impression its that specific action because doing “Idle-sit,” the character continues to lightly move… are you aware of any actions which perform the same in the mentioned template?

Thank you! I will attempt to provide the character with the action, and see if it follows the purpose.

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For limelight you can use react_shocked_gasp_pose

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Thank you so much, it seems to have worked!

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