Making a character talk while two others in the background are walking

So, there is yet another problem I’ve encountered.

There is a bar setting, where a character is supposed to talk, while two others are walking in the background.
But instead of talking while the other two are walking in the background, the character waits for them to arrive at their destination (off screen) before talking.

Here’s that part of the code:

&C1 spot 0.78 100 160 in zone 2 at layer 4 AND C2 spot 0.75 140 160 in zone 2 at layer 4
&MC spot 1.25 140 0 in zone 1 at layer 6
@transition fade in black
@C1 walks to spot 0.9 -100 160 in 15 AND C2 walks to spot 0.9 -100 160 in 16
@MC is idle_happy_loop
MC (talk_greet_neutral)

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Change the @ with &

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Thank you, it worked :slight_smile:

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Closed: Marked as solved by thread op :v: