Making a Character's Appearance Interesting?

I’ve come across a little dilemma, and maybe some of you guys have some advice? :tipping_hand_woman:

I design all my character’s appearances as, well, I guess you could say “not realistic” and just a wee bit “too perfect”. (And yeah, apparently that’s a problem which somehow manages to bug me a lot.) Too pretty or too ugly. Too plain or too crazy. My MCs all look like a full freaking snacc 24/7. I might see someone like this in the real world like every 7 months. So basically, never. The problem with this is that my flawless queens don’t look very interesting (oh, the irony) because they don’t have any flaws or anything to make them -not- look like supermodels. They all got real personalities, just not the more real looks to match.

Y’all got any suggestions on how to make characters look more “realistic”? (And no, I don’t mean just making them ugly :smirk: )

Thanks :heart:

Can I see some of the characters? Add a few scars. @Becca.doobop

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You could try choosing a single feature at random like a nose, or maybe add a dyed hair color. Or look at others around you, whether it be pictures or family and use that (not exactly)


I’m in the same boat as you :neutral_face:


Usually I just add a little detail that i don’t like and makes everything else as I like


Scroll though instagram or facebook. Find some generic looking people and reference your character after them. Give them one of those ugly scars or an exotic hair color or something. One of my characters only has one eye and has to wear an eyepatch all the time :joy:

idk. its really hard to make a normal-looking, real life(ish) episode character. They’re either really hot or butt ugly haha


Could I see the characters?