Making a Drive (or Patreon) for BGs & OLs

I’ve just gotten commercial licensing on a website where I can get different backgrounds and overlays, so I plan on making a monthly subscription for them via either a drive or a Patreon page. It would be $10 for all the backgrounds and overlays, but $15 for all of them + being able to request specific backgrounds and overlay cutouts.

For those that would be interested in supporting, I’d like to know what you guys would like to see in it.


Hmmm maybe a theater background?

By theatre, do you mean a cinema or a theatre stage?

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Both! :blush:


I think this is a lovely idea. :slight_smile:


Hospital rooms: halls, nurse desks, waiting rooms, patient rooms, different department halls, surgical
suites etc.

School/College collection: Classrooms, Gym, Lobby/front office/Professor office, cafeteria room, outdoor eating areas.

Middle-Upper Middle Class looking living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms. Episode tends to do “super rich” or “in the gutters” backgrounds and very little in between.

Masculinely decorated rooms like: apartments that are more “struggling artist” than “playboy billionaire”, bedrooms that aren’t all whites and silk bed covers. Seriously, there’s a lack of rooms that look like a average guy would live in.

Fantasy/Time Period backgrounds. The world and style changes drastically through the ages and so seeing some up to 1800’s style backgrounds (dirt or paver roads for carriages, grand town squares with old shops, pubs etc. As far as “fantasy” goes, rooms with outer space behind them, a cavern with magic equipment/things around. Really anything “fantasy” related would be LOVED by this community as there is a MAJOR shortage of them.

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Thank you for the suggestions! Here’s to hoping for your support once I fully build the drive!

I’ll be posting some samples here and possibly make an Instagram page for it for a wider reach.

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Tag me when you do. :slight_smile: I’d love to see some examples :).
And an IG for the drive would be a great way to reach a wider audience, but also to keep track of and communicate as needed with your patreons (or the ones who have drive access, whichever way you choose to go with it :slight_smile: )

Good luck!

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